Unusual Food Outlet (UFO)

Darius, formerly working in the Finance industry, has changed his focus to selling snacks at a takeaway store at Jurong Point’s Mongkok Street. Characterized by this cute illustration of an hungry creature, UFO sets out to share their love for crepes, both savoury and sweet to the masses. UFO gives a delightful twist to contemporary Asian food at affordable prices. Advocating fun and convenience in a fast-paced society, they are served in a go-cup shaped like a UFO.

2018-04-28 12.26.26.jpg

Prices ranging from $3.20 to $8.90. All their menu items are priced at $10 and below. Drinks go between $3 for a Medium and $4.50 for a Large.

2018-04-28 12.10.10.jpg

It appears that most of UFO’s customers are regulars who live around Jurong Point. I witnessed 2 customers who are neighbours, buying from UFO and they chimed that they both loved the food here! Both of them were ordering food to take home for lunch, as it was Saturday noon. Though there’s no dining area at UFO, there are many places to walk around and window shop, whilst enjoying your crepe. Eating a crepe at UFO, isn’t very messy, so no worries there.

2018-04-28 12.27.23.jpg

Nutella Sweet Potatoes & Marshmallows $4.20 *Highly Recommended*

2018-04-28 12.16.56

Huge in size and light brown in colour. This sweet crepe is unique with UFO’s choice of Japanese sweet potatoes, embedded with generous portions of nutella and marshmallows. As the crepe is freshly made, the marshmallows gradually melt, giving you a sensational, smooth creamy texture within the crepe.2018-04-28 12.17.46

The Japanese sweet potatoes are soft and melt in your mouth, with a distinct natural sweetness. I thoroughly enjoyed this crepe, and I must say, this portion is meant to be shared, unless you plan to have this as your main course! Nothing wrong with having desserts as a meal right?

Salted Egg Chicken $5.30 *Highly Recommended*

2018-04-28 12.38.09

A signature item that is a must order! The crispy chicken was so tender and succulent, I was tempted to just order a set of chicken with salted egg with rice! The Japanese sweet potato sandwiched between the fried chicken and the ice berg lettuce provided a naturally sweet flavour to the mix. The salted egg sauce was so addictive! Not gerlat at all.2018-04-28 12.39.26

I can foresee myself driving 35 minutes to Jurong Point just for UFO’s Signature Salted Egg Chicken crepe! The crepe used for the savoury items, are softer, moist and serves as a pillowy wrap around the ingredients.

Yuzu Plum Soda $3 for Medium

2018-04-28 12.12.55.jpg

A refreshing drink for any typical hot day in sunny Singapore. Filled with yogurt popping bobas, this is the drink for me!  Paired with a savoury crepe, this would be a delightful meal for anyone on the go!

Thank you Darius for the invite.

UFO’s Info

1 Jurong West Central 2 #03-89D, Jurong Point Shopping Center

*Located at the Mongkok Street Section

Opening Hours
Weekdays – 11:00AM – 9:00PM 
Weekends – 10:30AM – 9:00PM 

Tel :  9114 6371

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ufosgp/

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