TAP Craft Beer Bar

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TAP Craft Beer Bar makes its second home at Robertson Quay, bringing its famous one-price-fits-all policy of $10 pints and wines to thirsty drinkers in the riverside district.

The Robertson Quay space boasts an indoor and (dog-friendly) outdoor alfresco area, seating anywhere from 100 to 200.

Check out their on-going promotion of free-flow spam fries with an order of a drink! Food menu  offerings here are varied and there’s something for everyone. I witnessed several groups of Caucasian families who brought their children out to TAP Craft Beer Bar for both drinks and a good time! Items such as Truffle Parmesan fries $8, Simply Nachos $12 or Meatball Flatbread Pizza would be a hit with children.

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Truffle Parmesan fries $8
French fries tossed with trufe oil, topped with grated parmesan is a great go-to beer bite for any time of the day. The portion was great for sharing!
2018-04-14 19.36.41
Poutine $8

Shoestring fries covered in cheese topped with brown gravy and chives. My favourite food from Canada! I haven’t had it in awhile and it definitely made me reminisce my time in Canada!

2018-04-14 19.37.24
Spam Fries with Chilli Aioli $8

Baked till golden brown and crisp, served with sweet chilli aioli dipping sauce. I liked that the batter wasn’t thick, but it was lightly fried, giving the soft and moist texture in the spam fries.

2018-04-14 19.40.46
Salted Egg Shrimp Poppers $12

Easy to eat battered and deep fried shrimps, tossed with salted egg, curry leaves and spices. This was a very interesting beer bite, the shrimp had a nice crunchy bite and was flavourful!

2018-04-14 19.43.15
Buffalo Wings $12

Juicy, succulent spicy chicken wings marinated with herbs and baked to perfection.
Comes with sour cream dip. These weren’t as fantastic as the other sides, but probably still a crowd pleaser!

2018-04-14 19.33.06
Beer Bites !

Now that we have the beer bites to cheer up our hungry tummies, let’s move onto the mains!

 Southern Style Fried Chicken $15, brined and breaded with 5 spices, this succulent chicken is drenched in seasoned buttermilk and fried to a crispy and crunchy perfection. Served with tomato sauce, and mayonnaise. The chicken was so tender and juicy, even the breast meat had meaty juices dripping. No, it was not oil! Actually the chicken itself wasn’t oily! We highly recommend ordering this dish!
2018-04-14 19.33.28
BBQ Pork Ribs $15

Dry rubbed and slow cooked ribs brushed with hickory bbq sauce, 6 rib bones served with a generous portion of fries. Finger lickin’ good!

2018-04-14 19.34.49
Truffled Mac n Cheese $15

Mac with cheddar cheese and black truffle, topped with garlic bread crumbs. Another kid-favourite that was cleared out by 3 male friends almost immediately. The aroma of the truffle was so good and it was easily one of the best Truffled Mac n Cheese I’ve had.

2018-04-14 19.34.38

2018-04-14 20.05.58

Not forgetting the awesome drinks, featuring Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA (USA) & Pasteur Street Passionfruit Wheat Ale (VN)

Take note that the kitchen closes at 10pm.

Overall : TAP Craft Beer Bar    has alot to offer their patrons, be it drinks, food, beer bites and even an awesome ambiance. The night I visited, they were hosting a private event, not a bad location, since it’s facing the Singapore River. The staff are attentive, even though I was dining at the outdoor location, I was able to gain the attention of the staff, whenever I needed to make an order. Food was delightful, and the food menu was rather extensive to include lots of bar favourites. Their Thursday Promotion of free flow spam fries with an order of a drink is sure to lure loyal customers back, myself included!





TEL: 6384 7188

Hours : 12PM–12AM DAILY


TEL: 6694 2885

Hours : 4PM–12AM DAILY


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