District 10

Local F&B brand, District 10 by the Bonta Group, launches its latest restaurant
menu featuring the owner and executive Chef Luca Pezzera’s authentic age-old family recipes from the rustic kitchen of Mama Bruna Pezzera in Bergamo, northern Italy.

2018-03-20 18.52.43.jpgGet ready to be transported to Bergamo, with Chef Luca Pezzera’s  hand made pastas
with Bruna’s recipes using unbleached/raw unfiltered flour, Semolina flour, organic eggs and Italianmineral water to make the pasta dishes.

The new highlights prepared with key local ingredients from Chef’s native Bergamo include:
– Ravioli Alla Fornarina Con Tartufo Nero ($28) handcrafted ravioli with ricotta, black
angus beef and egg yolk;
– Mare d Monti ($28) Mixed Seafood Linguine with basil oregano in tomato sauce;
– il Villaggio di Mamma ($22) Spaghetti with sautéed mushrooms and cherry tomato in
pesto sauce;
– il Piatto della Nonna Fatta ($28) Homemade Angel Hair pasta in light parmesan cheese
sauce with black truffle; and
– Villaggio di Bergamo Pizza ($26) Wagyu Meatballs, Mozzarella, Basil and extra virgin
olive oil.

Credits : District 10

Ravioli Alla Fornarina Con Tartufo Nero ($28)  *Highly Recommended*

2018-03-20 20.04.39

Despite the multi-processes (pan-frying the black angus minced beef fillings, handkneading/pulling/pressing the pasta wrap, skillfully assembling the beef with the egg yolk, poaching the ravioli, cooking and layering the butter before the shaving the prized black truffle on top), this Pezzera classic is a feature course by itself on any table in Bergamo and District 10 in Singapore

This is one of our highly recommended dishes and you will find out just why, once it’s served to you. One whiff and your senses are aroused with the fragrance of truffle and black angus minced beef! The silky smooth egg, adds a saucey texture to the mix of delicate yet chewy ravioli. Tastefully addictive, I believe this would be a strong hit with both adults and kids!

il Piatto della Nonna Fatta ($28)

2018-03-20 20.15.21

Another dish for truffle-fans alike, District 10 presents you, an unprocessed pan-fried pasta that is light-on-the-palate. Your senses will detect the whiff of unmistakably rich cooked-pasta. Do not wait too long once this dish is served to you, as it’s best to eat it warm. The stellar points to this dish goes to the resistance of the pasta, that even though it’s soft, it is not mushy, in asian terms, “QQ”.

Villaggio di Bergamo Pizza ($26)

2018-03-20 20.18.55

This sinful Pezzera-must-have boosts all the usual “suspects” like extra virgin olive oil and mozzarella, it also cast an unusual and expensive choice of wagyu meatballs, just to please the beef-lovers! I’m truly in love with the crispy skin-crust (thanks to the unfiltered and raw flour and yeasts) made the wholesome crackling to a savoury perfection. The crust makes a whole difference, as the pizza does not give you the “jerlat” feeling! “Jerlat” refers to a “sick of eating” feeling that you may experience from consuming overwhelmingly rich foods, especially greasy deep-fried foods.

2018-03-20 20.19.19

Check out these handmade wagyu meatballs, filled with love and perfection for real food! The wagyu meatballs aren’t dry, rather they’re juicy with a good amount of spice to give you that additional flavour!

Mare d Monti ($28)

2018-03-20 20.37.57

Featuring hand-pulled fine linguine mixed seafood and forest mushrooms with basil oregano in Pezzera-made tomato-based sauce. The al-dente texture of the linguine was distinct and very satisfying with every bite!

La Mamma E Speciale

2018-03-20 20.34.03

Chicken Bolognese penne in spicy tomato sauce. For a non-spicy food eater such as myself, this was alright! I didn’t find myself gasping for a glass of water. This dish though looks carbo-heavy, it’s really light and easy to share! The flavour and essence from the chicken is detectable throughout the dish, every spoonful of penne and you are able to enjoy the chicken flavour.

Traditional Italian Tiramisu *Highly Recommended*

2018-03-20 21.03.03

Another one of our highly recommended dish, and a great reason to return to District 10 is this humble looking tiramisu. During my 9 day trip in Italy, I had Tiramisu almost every day and I must say that this Tiramisu surpassed some of my memories of Tiramisu in Italy!

Warm Lava Chocolate Cake

2018-03-20 21.05.58

Beautifully plated with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, that is natural flavoured, as you can see the individual vanilla beans embedded into the ice cream. This lava cake is set to satisfy any chocoholic cravings you might have!

Overall : I’m glad to see authentic Italian dishes without modifications for local tastebuds. Chef Pezzera, having worked for twenty years in the kitchens of Europe, Middle East and now, Singapore and Jakarta, has essentially brought his childhood food memories to District 10! The hand pulled pasta, and delicious sauces definitely gives me a Déjà vu memory of dining in Italy.

The i preferiti della famiglia Pezzera – Pezzera’s Family Favourites “From Mama, with love” menu is available at UE Square from 1 February 2018.

Thank you @singaporeliciouz and 37comms for the invite.

The District 10 UE Square:
Address: 81 Clemenceau Ave UE Square Shopping Mall 01-15/16/17, Singapore 239917

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/District10BarandRestaurant

Instagram Page: @District10sg

Operating Hours:
Monday – Thursday
Lunch: 11:30am – 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.30pm – 12am (Last food order 10pm)
Friday or eve of Public Holiday
Lunch: 11:30am – 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.30pm – 1am (Last food order 10.30pm)
Brunch: 11am – 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.30pm – 12am (Last food order 10pm)
Sunday or Public Holiday
Brunch: 11am – 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.30pm – 11pm (Last food order 10pm)

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