Meat N Malts

Thanks to Eatigo, I was able to try Meats N Malts located at BreadTalk iHQ for 50% off!
Do you know Eatigo is a reservation app that gives you up to 50% off your food bill?
 How do the discounts work?
-Enjoy higher discounts (up to 50% off) when you dine at restaurants during non-peak hours! I was able to enjoy 50% discount when I made reservations at Meats and Malts on a Sunday5:00 pm! How amazing does that sound?
– Here’s what I tried at Meats N Malts:  Click here to view Meat N Malt’s menu
 Baked Salmon $16.80 ($8.40 after Eatigo discount)2018-01-21 17.10.00

The portion of the salmon was huge along with the thin and crispy pan-fried salmon skin. The meat was tender and flavourful. The mash potato on the other hand, tasted instant but still not too bad to add a different taste to the salmon.

Truffle Mushroom Pizza $15.80 ($7.90 after Eatigo discount)

2018-01-21 17.14.04

The truffle smell was yumz, but it dissipated quickly. My dining partners commented that the portion of mushrooms was little though I did appreciate the size of the pizza. Definitely too much for 1, great for sharing amongst 2-3 with beers all around. The crust though thin-crust can make me pretty gerlat, think of khong-guan cream cracker style of crust texture.

Bar bites:
MAD wings $9.80 ($4.90 after Eatigo discount)
2018-01-21 17.15.36
I requested for the sauce to be separate from the wings as I had feared the wings would turn soggy after an extended photo taking session. The MAD sauce was tangy and spicy at the same time! The wings came piping hot and were really crispy from top to tip.
Battered silverfish with aioli dip $8.80($4.40 after Eatigo discount)2018-01-21 17.16.27
Think of fish and chips but in a tinier version! The aioli dip was pretty addictive and I couldn’t stop eating this, greasy, but so good!
On top of the eatigo’s discount which cost me only $35 for food, I ordered a strawberry milkshake as well! Though no Eatigo promotion was applicable, it was simply delightful! Perfect for a sunny Sunday 36C afternoon!
2018-01-21 17.05.35
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2018-01-21 16.59.52
Overall : The food is pretty good considering the Eatigo discount. I really can’t complain for the quantity of food for $25 Nett, not to mention the free parking on weekends at Breadtalk IHQ. The pizza is definitely worth mentioning along with the baked salmon! Service was also quick and friendly. I’m coming back to Meat N Malts to try more of their pizza and meat offerings for sure!
Restaurant Info 
Name : Meat N Malts
Address: 30 Tai Seng Street #01-07. BreadTalk IHQ, Singapore, 534013
Tuesday 11:30AM–12AM
Wednesday 11:30AM–12AM
Thursday 11:30AM–12AM
Friday 11:30AM–12AM
Saturday 11:30AM–12AM
Sunday 11:30AM–12AM
Monday 11:30AM–12AM

Thank you Eatigo for sponsoring this meal.

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