Kindred Folk


Discovered Kindred Folk at 50% off through reservation on Eatigo!
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  1. Pastas $15 each ($7.50 after Eatigo discount)
2018-01-20 19.01.36
Kindred Folk offers pastas such as Asian Flush (Tomato cream penne with curry leaf and chilli padi), Spice it up (Tom Yum Aglio olio with sauteed prawns), Tomayto-Tomato (served with chorizo sausages)
2018-01-20 18.59.09

2. Panco-crumbed Mac n’ Cheese Sticks $9 ($4.50 after Eatigo discount)
2018-01-20 19.03.20
Definitely another must-order, though the truffle aroma is a bit weak. The panco-crumbed crust is simply irresistible. The mac n cheese on the inside is legit but could use abit more cheese! We attempted this cheese pull a few times lol. But it’s still one of the best mac n cheese bites I’ve had in Singapore. In comparison to what I’m used to eating at gas stations in the US! Where’s all my east coast homies at? SHEETZ mac n cheese bites for $2.99 USD + tax anyone? 🙂
Finger food such as Fried Chicken Drumlets, Panco-crumbed Mac n’ Cheese Sticks *Highly Recommended*, Straight-cut Fries w Assorted Home made Dips & not forgetting their homemade ice-creams!
3. Waffles with 3 scoops of ice cream  $17.30 ($8.65 after Eatigo discount)
2018-01-20 19.30.09
Picture include their Watermelon Calamansi, Rum n Raisins & Matcha Gao with Charcoal waffles!
The waffles are really crispy with a lingering salty taste which is a perfect combination with the sweet ice cream! Seriously hand-down the best matcha ice cream I’ve tasted. The matcha flavour and aroma is distinct along with the lingering earthly bitter taste. The rum n raisin was also super good, with tons of raisins.
Using eatigo, I received 50% off my bill! All the pictured here cost just under $50 after the 50% discount. Like what you saw? Click here to join & receive a $5 reward with my referral code “eati2suw” today!

2018-01-20 18.41.04.jpg

Overall : The pastas aren’t the best for $15 but with eatigo’s 50% off, I’m cool with paying $7.50 for a chill-out cafe to rest and relax. The ice creams though, are totally on the upper end of cool, definitely a must order with Matcha Gao and their charcoal waffles. The coffee served here is from Jewel Coffee if you’re keen on that 🙂

Cafe Info

Name : Kindred Folk

Address: 9 King Albert Park, #01-09, 598332
Monday 12–10PM
Tuesday 12–10PM
Wednesday 12–10PM
Thursday 12–10PM
Friday 12–11PM
Saturday 12–11PM
Sunday 12–10:30PM

Thank you Eatigo for sponsoring this meal.

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