Hana Japanese Restaurant

Hana Japanese Restaurant at Orchard Forum has always been satisfying our taste buds and wow-ing the instagram worthy crowd with their creatively presented dishes! This new range of dishes are bound to make you dine with your phone, instagram first before dishing out a spoonful! Check out my previous review of Hana


The Alchemist Series:

This series features a towering portion of bonito flakes. Gently pour the accompanied soup over the bonito flakes and get your boomerang or IG story ready! Each portion of the Alchemist series was designed to have a light but yet fragrant flavour of taste from the soup and bonito flakes.

(1) Drip Soba (warm) $18.00++


If you have tried their flying cha soba, you would love this too! The soup had a mild sweet flavour.

(2) Drip Unagi Rice (warm) $18.00++ *highly recommended*


The portion of the unagi here won me over. Sleek and tender slices of umami unagi with a generous portion of Ikura. Together with the soup, the rice was brimming with flavours.

(3)Drip Cold Somen $18.00++ *highly recommended*


Another personal favourite is the somen. The texture of the noodles are soft and yet still carries a light bite in every mouthful. The Ikura together with the tiny dried shrimp makes a good combination!

Shiok Maki Grid $36.00++

– Twisties Bbq with Soft shell crabs and Vinegar rice
– Snowpea Crisp with Chicken and Vinegar rice
– Jagabee Purple Sweet Potato Sticks with Unagi and Vinegar rice
– Cheetos Puff with Breaded Prawn and Vinegar rice

Perfect for sharing amongst 4-6pax. It’s a new concept of bringing your favourite snacks to the table with a Japanese twist! The Cheetos Puff with Breaded Prawn was my personal favourite. Think of really crisp tempura prawns with the cheesy flavouring goodness of Cheetos! Twisties with Soft shell crabs, who would’ve known that it would be a perfect combination. Truly a one-of-a-kind snack concoction made to appease everyone at your dining party!

Raclette Cheese Maki $25.00++

Instagram worthy and also calorie worthy! Check out the amount of cheese thrown over the Breaded Prawn Maki that literally makes the maki disappear! The crispy Prawn Maki was so good and so was the cheese that was torched!




MORE FIRE!~ Enjoy the display of the fire before it dies after like 5-10 minutes of non stop photos and videos 🙂 Yes it last quite long! The cheese was still warm, and oozing with cheesey goodness after the photo taking.

Unagi Bowl $28.00++

Onsen Egg, Vinegar Rice and Special Sweet sauce made in-house. I can’t even see the rice, but I swear there’s rice in there! So much unagi that I was literally full from just eating the unagi. The onsen egg was a nice touch and the sweet sauce was perfect!

Lobster Fried Rice $33.00++ *Highly Recommended*


If you could only eat 1 dish at Hana, EAT THIS! You won’t regret it. The garlic fried rice has to be cooked with some magic here, it’s simply irresistible! The lobster meat chunks are juicy with lots of flavour from the rice. I need to order this for take-away on bad days to cheer myself up!

Dry Truffle Ramen $49.00++ *Die Die Must Try!*


It’s magic here, is what it is! Ramen with Truffle with UNI, Ikura and SCALLOPS. MAGIC!M44C3906

The truffle addiction is real and so is the truffle on the ramen! The scallops are so fresh, they melt in your mouth with the aroma of the truffle lingering on your tastebuds. The ikura burst with juicy goodness with every bite.

M44C3917Eat the stirfried ramen together with the uni, ikura, scallop and black truffle and you will comprehend the taste of a whimsical and magical ramen!


Upon in the cloud $25.00++
L.O.V.E $32.00++
Unicorn (Red velvet) Milkshake $16.00++


Probably the prettiest drink I’ve ever seen! You can actually taste the red velvet in this drink! It’s so good, drinking pieces of cake, is what unicorn should all be about! It’s really a meal in a cup!

Overall : Hana has won my heart over and over again, taste wise, every dish scored a perfect 10 on food quality, portion and for presentation 11/10! Hell yeah!~ Service is also quick and friendly!

Thank you Deborah and Roy for extending the invite!


🌸 Hana Restaurant
Forum The Shopping Mall
583 Orchard Road
Unit 01-17, Singapore 238884
Tel: 6737 5525
Lunch 12noon – 2.30pm
Dinner 6pm – 9.30pm
Reservations recommended

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