Cozy Bistro & Lounge [Invite]

Cozy Bistro & Lounge was started just 4 months ago by Kevin Koo who ran a previous entertainment business for 10 years. Cozy Bistro & Lounge is equipped with, Pool Table x 01, Darts machines x 02 and Telecast soccer match on TV. Nestled in the Jalan Lokam residential neighbourhood, it is within reach of Bartley or Serangoon MRT stations.

1. Crispy Prawn Twister 12.80

– Served with celery and carrot sticks with tartar sauce. Probably one of my favourite snacks to munch on while darting. Definitely a fun way to eat your favourite fried prawns! Crispy and tasty!

2. Lamb Rack $23.80 *Highly Recommended*

– 3 bone premium lamb rack cooked together with garlic and lemongrass presented with green salad and stirred-fried potato; complemented with red wine brown sauce. This is probably why I would come back! The lamb rack was so juicy and tender. One bite and you’ll be sold. A good mix of meat and fats, with some light seasoning, makes this so irresistible.  It was melt in your mouth delicious.

3. Fish & Fries $15.80

– Golden fried fish fillet served with classic tartar sauce, coleslaw and crispy fries. This would a good family friendly dish to order. Kids would love the thick cut fries! The fish was amazing, so tasty, crispy batter and no oiliness.

4. Roast Beef (Pre-order only) $88.00


The roast beef was very thickly sliced and cooked to a perfect medium; it was salty, meaty goodness. Sides were also good: salad with dressing was good and oven baked potato. M44C2929
– 600gms Roast beef cooked to order. Presented with garden green salad and oven baked potato complemented with black pepper brown sauce.

6. German Pork Knuckle (Pre-order only) $55.80

– “Chef Specialty” presented with garden green salad, homemade mash potato and thai chilli sauce. Crispy on the outside pork knuckle skin and juicy and meaty on the inside. This is great for a party of 4 or more! It’s huge! The homemade mash potato was a nice discovery, it was flavourful and savoury. I would definitely consider ordering this for a cool boys night out!

7. Crispy Egg Seafood Noodles $10.80


Just in case you’re feeling a bit local, Cozy Bistro & Lounge also offers local dishes like this Crispy Egg Seafood Noodles. The noodles stayed crispy throughout our entire phototaking session which mind you, was pretty damn long! The sauce was on point and they were very generous with the ingredients, definitely enjoyed the pork slices!

8. Sweet and Sour Pork with Sunny Side up and Fragrant Rice $8.00


A popular dish amongst the patrons of Cozy Bistro & Lounge. The pork was deep fried to maintain a crisp exterior with the purpose of locking in moisture to keep the sweet and sour pork pieces juicy.


Other dishes such as the Mushroom Aglio Olio was a tad spicy for me and tasted slightly bland for my taste. But again here, Cozy Bistroy & Lounge is extremely generous with the amount of mushrooms served!

There is a current promo for CarlsBerg Beer $60.00 for a Tower or $25.00 for a Jug.

Overall : Do stop by Cozy Bistro & Lounge for a fun night out without hurting your wallet! Prices are nett and you have gotta try the Lamb Rack $23.80,   German Pork Knuckle (Pre-order only) $55.80 and Crispy Egg Seafood Noodles $10.80.

Thank you Kevin for the invite.

Restaurant Info

Name : Cozy Bistro & Lounge
Address : No. 2 Jalan Lokam, Singapore 537846
Hours : Daily 12noon till 1am
(Last order for food at 9.30pm)

Facebook :

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