Wine Fix


Do you like to drink wine be it white or red but you’re not sure about what to get? Or have you ever been tasked to get a wine for a party? I was introduced to Wine Fix to solve these problems.

If you can’t decide what wine to get, try out Wine Fix 6 question survey to recommend you a wine! Click Here!


The Wine Fix menu is simplified by scoring each wine on a Sweetness, Acidity and Strength (SAS) rating.


Some ‘Fix Facts:

  1. Wine Fix take their curation very seriously – they are new but are not in a rush to sell just any wine. In fact, they reject more than half the wines they try.
  2. The reason they use the SAS ratings system is because those are the actual flavours a human tongue can taste. Well, there’s umami and salty, but they guarantee their wines will never have these flavours.
  3. From time to time, their wines do have flavours that are distinct from SAS. For example, some wines can have varying levels of spiciness, ranging from peppery to hot. In these cases, they rate how much SASS the wines have.

On 1st December, Wine Fix will be launching 3 spanking new wines AND wine tags for special occasions that will get EVERYONE in the spirit of Christmas.

The 3 wines are: a refreshing Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough (heart of wine country in New Zealand), a unique and rare white blend from Portugal (Old World Wine) and a delicious new Moscato variety from Argentina. In the spirit of giving, these wines will be 15% to 30% off, for the whole of December.

You can also purchase these adorable XMAS tags by clicking on the image at just $2.90!

The wine tags will be available for a range of occasions including Christmas, New Year’s and Birthdays and can be printed with personalised messages, making them the perfect gifts for parties. As part of our Christmas special, the wine tags can be purchased for $2.90 (versus $4.90) for the month of December.

To get your Wine Fix, order from , sit back and wait shortly for your Wine Fix to be delivered to you!


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