Woon Woon Pek Beehoon [Invite]

2017-10-13 19.18.39_1067x800
Store front

Opening their 3rd outlet at Chomp Chomp food centre is Woon Woon Pek Bee Hoon. You may remember a review I posted on their original outlet at Changi Village, and also their second outlet featuring white beehoon at Bukit Timah Food Centre. Review here. I’m so glad they have opened an outlet further north which is alot closer to me! Chomp Chomp is a great location for anyone craving for local delights.

2017-10-14 10.27.19_1200x800
Lobster Platter $68 for 4 pax

If you’re travelling from afar, do not hesitate to order the lobster platter. Go all out! This feast is not for the weary or those on a diet. Loads of crispy and sizeable set atop a range of crustaceans. Lobster, crayfish, prawns, lalas and even thick slices of fish.

2017-10-14 10.27.21_1_1200x800

Look at the colour of the crayfish! It was fresh, plump and juicy in taste. The meat of the crayfish definitely took it’s time to soak up the delicious and sweet seafood broth. Making the meat extremely tasty. The colour of the broth is a slight brown-redish colour, a tell-tale sign that this broth has been cooked together with all the seafood.

2017-10-14 10.27.21_1200x800

The natural sweetness in the broth is a hint that you wouldn’t need to get any sugar cane juice to pair with your meal! We literally cleared every drop of this sweet seafood juice off this bowl! The broth has made a significant upgrade from the previous tastings and each time, we are blown away at the quality of seafood served.

2017-10-14 10.27.23_800x800

For the price of $68 for 4 pax or $50 for 2 pax. You are guaranteed fresh seafood. Look at how cleanly this lobster meat came off the shell. It was effortless, using the disposable wooden chopstick! The meat was flavourful and delicious. The colour showcased the quality of freshness. The prawns were fresh and the chef had already sliced the top of the prawn shell to allow the broth to seep into the prawn meat, giving the meat more flavour.

2017-10-14 10.43.59_800x800

I don’t think that my photo does the lobster any justice, but the lobster can be seen with roe inside them. Indicating to me, that Woon Woon Pek Beehoon only buys premium grade lobsters! If you like crab roe, you will always like lobster roe! There’s gotta be over 20 lala clams inside here, because I was eating them non-stop and there were never ending lala clams in the bowl! The crunchy and cripsy lard were also quite addictive.


The thin bee hoon absorbs all the sweetness from the broth, making the noodles sweet with a nice soft texture. For a nice get-together meal for 2-4pax, there’s definitely enough seafood and bee hoon to go around.

If you fret about parking, you can park at myVillage shopping centre, just diagonally across the road from Chomp Chomp at $2/hour and not worry about the summon aunty!

Overall : If you are looking for affordable all-in-one seafood meal, head down to Changi Village or Chomp Chomp and look for Woon Woon Pek Bee Hoon and their light blue coloured stall front. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you Woon Woon Pek Beehoon for the food tasting invite.

Food Stall Details 

Name : Woon Woon Pek Beehoon

Address : 20 Kensington Park #01-10 , Singapore 557269

Hours : 4pm-12mn (Closed on Mondays)

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Woonwoonpekbeehoon/

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