Montana [Invite]

Located at Pomo, and occupying units on the first and second floor is Montana. Famed for their freak cakes, and creative savoury and dessert waffles. This cafe has been intriguing my tastebuds since 2014!

2017-10-02 18.33.43.jpg

Check out their newly revamped menu, new items such as Truffle Eggs Rosti $19++, Signature mac & cheese waffle $15++ or Rosso $13++ a dessert made with chocolate brownie and irish whisky sauce are bound to make you curious!

  1. Fried Chicken Wings with Garlic Mirin Sauce $12++

2017-10-02 18.54.44_800x800.png

Fried crispy chicken drumlets and wings with a sweetness on the outside. Reminds me of a certain cafe up in Kovan that serves up really legendary honey parika wings. But still, a great appetizer to start your meals.

2. Truffle Eggs Rosti $19++

2017-10-02 18.53.10_801x800

Are you a truffle fan? Okay if you’re not that’s fine too cause the truffle in this dish is rather subtle. I love my rosti from Marche so that’s my standard for rosti, however the rosti here is very different. If you like crispy, rather than soggy McDonald fries, this is for you! Not to mention, 2 beautifully poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, served with parma ham.

3. Signature mac & cheese waffle $15++

2017-10-02 18.58.17_800x800

I’m personally a huge fan of mac and cheese, after spending 5 years in the United States. Also, having been a faithful fan of Montana’s signature Mac N Cheese back in the day when they occupied just the first floor. I was shocked to see huge improvement! Glorious mozzarella generous melted over the waffle with truffle oil, real macaroni and cheese embedded in the waffle batter and apparently jalapeno. The jalapeno isn’t too spicy, and I’m non-spicy eater. Like I can’t even tahan McDonald’s chilli sauce, but the tinge of spiciness here was pleasantly savoury. Good job Montana!

4. Baked Salmon with Poached Egg $18++

2017-10-02 18.51.59_800x800

The salmon was pretty good and I found myself digging for the shoyu mushrooms and herbed cous-cous to eat together with the salmon. I love this combination of ingredients. The yuzu hollandaise from the poached egg also gave the salmon fillet some flavour.

5. Rosso $13++

This is an alcoholic dessert that is meant for adults. The vanilla ice cream tasted generic but the chocolate brownie was sweet with a tad of bitterness from the dense chocolate flavour. The sourness from the macerated berries was a good balance for the sweet brownie. What blew my mind was the irish wisky sauce that literally brought this dessert to a whole new level!

6. Bianco $13++

2017-10-02 19.45.05_800x800

While glancing through the menu, this dessert caught our attention. Horlicks cheesecake is what the menu read! No joke, the cheesecake base tasted of horlicks. The passionfruit mousse tasted authentically sour with a natural passionfruit aroma. This would be a nice dessert to go with coffee or if you’re game for it, ask the staff for a wine-pairing recommendation.

7. V60 Chocolate (Original Mint or Smoky Infusion) $6.80++

2017-10-02 19.00.58_800x800

The first of it’s kind in Singapore, Cacao brew made with cacao nibs brewed in coconut water to give you a light, refreshing beverage that looks like tea. Honestly speaking, I could taste the “tea” but no “chocolate” flavour. Maybe my tongue is to trained to pick up artificial flavours that I can’t determine the authentic flavour?

8. Cold Crab Truffle Pasta $21++ *Highly Recommended*

2017-10-02 18.51.37_800x800.png

I’ve never had a good experience with cold angelhair pasta, the noodles are usually always too cold or too soft for my liking. But Montana got in on-point for my tastebuds! Flavourful, al-dente angel hair pasta with crunchy tobiko and chunks of crab meat. Definitely a refreshingly and yet savoury meal, for any time of the day. You will not feel “jerlat” or bloated from this pasta dish!


Overall : Montana continually tries to improve their menu year after year and they always come up with enterprising new idea to arouse your tastebuds. But there’s still some R&D to continue their standard of food.

*PS never forget to try their cold brew coffee!~

2017-10-02 19.04.29_1067x800

Thank you Montana and Michelle for the tasting invite.

Cafe Information

Name : Montana Singapore

1 Selegie Road #02-25, POMO, 188306



Phone: 6334 3137

Opening Hours
Mon – Thu: 11:00am – 22:30pm
Fri: 11:00am – 23:00pm
Sat: 09:00am – 23:00pm
Sun: 09:00am – 22:00pm


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