Long Jiang Chinos [Invite]


Long Jiang Chinos Situated in the heart of the north, Long Jiang Chinos lies within the quaint and serene ORTO in Yishun, formally Bottle Tree Park. Situated right beside the pond, Long Jiang Chinos brings exquisite and hearty seafood dishes in the surroundings of lush greenery.


Established in 2014, the restaurant is an establishment by Long Jiang Culinary, which has years of experience in the culinary industry

2017-09-27 21.43.44.jpg
As it is currently mid-autumn seasion, do check out their mooncakes available for sale in Takashimaya, NEX, Tampines Mall, Vivocity, Lot1 and Junction 8. Or just head down to Long Jiang Chinos at ORTO to enjoy some delightful Chinese cuisine with your mooncakes!
This classic and timeless Teochew traditional mooncake is extremely crispy on the edges with melt in your mouth textured yam paste. These are some of the biggest Teochew mooncakes I’ve ever seen! The single yolk version gives the sweet yam a good mix of pleasure and premium taste. All these “orh nee” yam paste mooncakes are low in sugar. So you can savour without the fear of overdosing on calories from sugar.

1. Seafood Hotpot $128++

2017-09-30 10.37.40.jpg

When visiting Long Jiang Chinos, be sure not to miss out on its most heart warming dish – Seafood Hotpot ($128). Curated specially by the chef with observance to the different preferences of a family, this dish was born to suit the likings of all ages within a family. Since then, the high raved Seafood Hotpot has since become a signature dish of the restaurant.

Using only premium selection of fish, whole Soon Hock is simmered slowly under a bed of cabbage, ensuring that the fish will not be overcooked while you savour the soupy goodness of the hotpot. Consisting of an assortment of live prawns, clams and squid, these catch of the seas come together to make the ultimate hearty Seafood Hotpot.

The chicken broth was so flavourful and really addictive and the broth is refillable! So don’t be afraid to drink up as much as you like!

2. Cheesy Crab Bee Hoon with Crab Roe $44.80++

2017-09-30 10.35.20.jpg

Long Jiang Chino’s Cheesy Crab Bee Hoon with Crab Roe ($44.80) is rich, yet not overpowering on the senses. Bee hoon is first specially prepared by the chefs. A homemade stock is reduced and slices of cheese are added. Speak about infusing oriental cuisine with the west! The dish is completed with two whole Indian mud crabs atop. Overturn the shell of the crab and generous, crab roe is unravelled.


3. Crispy Fried Har Chou (8pcs) $12++

2017-09-30 10.37.16.png

Start your meal right with these crispy and delicious Har Chou! Filled with generous ingredients and really freshly fried!

4. Fish Skin with Salted Egg Yolk $8.80++


One interesting thing to note about this dish here is, unlike most eateries that serve the fried fish skin with a salted egg sauce, that turns the skin soggy after awhile. At Long Jiang Chinos, they use real salted egg but fried up!

5. Stir Fried Fine Beans & Crispy Shredded Yam in Guangzhou Style $14++


Crunchy green beans and flavorful crispy shredded yam makes this a tasty side dish. Best eaten with lots of rice.

6. Rojak Chicken $16++


Succulent chicken cutlet seasoned in sweet rojak sauce. This was delightfully appetizing and was a great meal-starter.

Overall : The food at Long Jiang Chinos exceeds all my expectations. The seafood hotpot is a worthy cause to travel up north to Yishun. With an ample and airy ambience, it’s a great chill-out spot for families and even business meetings. You can even get a VIP room with a minimum spending of $600. Don’t forget to try their mooncakes too!

Thank you Ivan and Long Jiang Chinos for the invite.


Long Jiang Chinos

81 Lorong Chencharu | ORTO @ Yishun

(formerly Bottle Tree Park)

Singapore 769198

Daily operation hours;

11:30am – 2:00pm

5:30pm – 10pm



+65 6757 7887

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