Tocha Bistro [Invite]

Located in Hotel Boss just 5 minutes walk away from Lavender MRT is Tocha Bistro. You’ll also get a good view of the Kallang River from the bar. It has happy hour and also crazy hour on Mondays, 

Crazy Hour at Tocha runs from 5pm – 6pm, and you get a bucket (six bottles) of beer for as low as only $25++! Choose from Tiger Beer, Hoegaarden, Kronenbourg 1664, Erdinger and more.

Mushroom soup $5.80

Daily house made with Chef’s selection of mushroom in a creamy mushroom puree is a great way to start any meal. Served with a freshly toasted garlic bread, mushroom lovers would be extremely satisfied! Instead of mushrooms all diced up, whole mushrooms are visible in the soup.

Tiger Prawn with White Wine Sauce $13.80

Tiger prawn al-dente spaghetti cooked with Chef’s Siganture spicy white wine sauce. The wine added a volume of sweetness to the fresh tiger prawns. The spaghetti had a good texture but was noticeably missing a spicy factor. The tiger prawns were huge and decently sized, covering the whole plate of spaghetti!

Mid Wings  *Highly Recommended*

These mid wings are so addictive, golden brown on the exterior with juicy and succulent meat on the inside. Paired with Tocha Bistro’s own chilli sauce, that packs a punch, this was my favourite dish! The mid wings here are of a different league. IKEA, you’ve got competition! The wings also stay crispy after an extended period (aka the photo taking time).

Carnivore Platter $26.80

This Carnivore platter is for the serious carnivore, with a combination of beef, lamb, chicken, smoked duck and pork sausage. Get ready to get high on protein and calories! All the meats were well-seasoned with a good portion of the meat tasting better than expected. Some of you might shun lamb meat due to the odours, but I’m happy to tell you, Tocha Bistro kitchen staff put in the effort to remove any gamey-odours with lots of rosemary and thyme.  A job well done! My favourite meat was the chicken which was bursting with chicken juices and was extremely flavourful.

Double Rock Burger $15.80 *Highly Recommended*

Cheese! Glorious Cheese! Double beef patty usually screams my name and I can’t help but order it. The beef patty are about an inch thick, pinkish in the center and overflowing with meaty juices. Slapped over the beef patty are two slices of cheddar cheese, tomato, mixed lettuce and a really well-toasted burger bun.

Baked scallops 3 piece $8.80

Cheese and baked scallops, a really appetizing way to start your night out!

Grilled Salmon $15.70 *Highly Recommended*

I’m a huge fan of salmon and I’m usually particular on how crisp the skin of the salmon is. Good news, Tocha Bistro – Tocha means Torched in portugese and they do a great job with their salmon. The salmon is fresh and the skin of the salmon is paper like thin and gives you a satisfying crunch in each mouthful. Typing about this, is making me hungry! Served with their in-house made honey mustard sauce, which you can evident see whole mustard seeds in the sauce, this is another highly recommended dish that you should try!

Grilled Cod $19.80

Who loves cod? Cod that is lightly seasoned and served again with Tocha’s honey mustard sauce and mash potato.

Iberico Pork $22.80 *Highly Recommended*

These pork slices are huge and oh-so-juicy. The spinach was a tad too salty for my liking, but it was soft and juicy. Iberico is intensely sweet. It’s floral, earthy, and nutty like good Parmesan, with fat so soft it melts right in your mouth. For many ham lovers it’s as good as good gets, and it never comes cheap. With a price-tag like this, I’m game to come back to Tocha for more Iberico Pork juicy goodness!


Overall : Tocha Bistro is a great place to chill out and serves a wide variety of quality food that can satisfy anyone’s tummies and not damage your wallet. Definitely try and pop by during crazy hour (5-6pm) to double-up on the beers!


Thank you Tocha Bistro and Michelle for the invite.

Restaurant Info

Name : Tocha Bistro

Located in: Hotel Boss
Address: 500 Jalan Sultan, #01-20 Hotel Boss, 199020


Thursday 12PM–1AM
Friday 12PM–1AM
Saturday 12PM–2AM
Sunday 12PM–1AM
Monday 12PM–1AM
Tuesday 12PM–1AM
Wednesday 12PM–1AM
Phone: 6291 7118

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