Grazie [Invite]

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Grazie is a one-week old Italian cafe located just 2 minutes walk away from Boon Keng MRT. Originally from Serangoon Gardens market, this 3-year old Italian hawker stall has upgrade to a brand new location that is beautifully decorated.

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The menu carries over the original menu from Serangoon Garden, including signature favourites like Aglio Seafood and Vongole $16.90 but also new menu items like coffee, tea and also now waffles and made from scratch ice cream.

Owner Clarence Tan, explains the process of making ice cream, and how he had to go for courses to learn how to make ice cream with patience, care for the delicate and fresh ingredients and also the numerous experiments he did to achieve the kind of taste and texture of his signature ice creams. For the adventurous, there’s ice cream flavours such as Wasabi and Nacho Cheese! Both of which, really tasted like the name of the ice cream!

  1. Aglio Seafood and Vongole $16.9

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First up, their signature dish, made with fresh Tiger prawns, squid, vongole, seafood broth, cooked in a classic Aglio Olio style. Clarence explained that the type of seafood used in this dish varies, as per fresh seafood supplies.

 Some weeks, he can get fresh Tiger prawns from the straits of Melaka, sometimes, if it’s a Malaysian holiday, the fishermen take the days off and he is unable to get that some seafood. However, you are still guaranteed fresh seafood in your dish, as the owners of Grazie will still source for other seafood to substitute. Clarence also shared that he likes big squid rings in his dishes, and hence the sizeable chunk of yummy squid are evident in the dish.

2. Chicken Ballotine $15.90

2017-09-09 12.15.07_800x800

Chicken thigh wrapped with minced pork and spinach, served with cranbeery sauce, purple cabbage and home made potato mash. The mash was rather addictive, though served cold, made the dish rather flavourful. This was my first time having a ballotine and I did like the sweet cranberry sauce, it reminded me of a certain swedish furniture brand’s meatball sauce. The meat however tasted a bit bland for my liking.

3. Mushroom soup $6.90


Check out the pastry baked upon the soup. Light brown and crisp in texture, covering the mushroom soup. The mushroom soup is also made from scratch using white button mushrooms and shitake mushrooms. The soup was more of a mushroom puree than a mushroom soup, lots of chunks of mushrooms could be seen in dish. I really liked the heart-warming taste to this soup and would definintely be back to try their Pumpkin soup $6.90 too!~

4.  Speculoos Latte Iced $6.502017-09-09 12.04.26_800x800

Served with whipped cream and oreo crumbs, this was a nice drink to cool off the hot weather, despite only having walked less than a hundred metres from the car park. Pictured here is cold Yuzu brewed tea $6, a very interesting concoction I must say. A refreshing drink if you’re feeling heaty.

5. Yin Yang Waffles with ice cream

2017-09-09 13.04.03_800x800

If you can’t decide what waffles to get, buttermilk or charcoal, how about getting both? Served with Grazie’s in-house made chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Both ice creams had different textures. The chocolate was abit more coarse and sweeter, whereas the vanilla was milkier and not as sweet, together they went really well with the crispy waffles. For crispy waffle lovers, take note the waffles here are totally your thing!

2017-09-09 13.05.30_800x800

They also have other ice cream flavours like Cranberry,  Thai Iced Tea and Caramel.

2017-09-09 15.29.40.png

Overall : Grazie has moved up from their humble hawker location to a nice location in Whampoa West. Their menu has significantly grown in variety to offer desserts, drinks and more. The owners are very passionate about food and they take pride in serving the freshest ingredients in every dish. Definitely try their pastas and waffles!

There’s a opening promotion of 10% discount till end of September 2017

Thank you Michelle and Clarence for the food tasting invite.

Cafe Information

Name : Grazie

Phone: 6291 1716

Address: 34 Whampoa West, #01-79, 330034
Saturday 11AM–9PM
Sunday 11AM–9PM
Monday Closed
Tuesday 11AM–9PM
Wednesday 11AM–9PM
Thursday 11AM–9PM
Friday 11AM–9PM


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