Feast in Orchard for under $10

Ever wondered how you could still feast on yummy food that are worth your calories for under $10 in Orchard? Check out Food Republic at Shaw Centre. Located in the basement, with a wide array of food options from various regions and also local food favourites.

  1. Cheers Cut

    2017-05-17 08.40.05.jpgWith outlets scattered across the globe in Taiwan, America, China, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and now in Food Republic Singapore. Cheers Cut is arguably Taiwan’s largest fried chicken shop since 2006. Their signature Chicken Cutlet (12oz/340g) $8.90 is marinated with 24 herbs and spices for 48 hours, then breaded and deep-fried on the spot. The New York kiosk sells 400 to 500 pieces daily!


Other tasty snacks that you can pair this delicious chicken cutlet with are the Braised Pork Rice $5.90 and Grilled Squid Set $8.90

2. Penang Lane

2017-05-17 08.39.52

Penang Lane brings a selection of authentic dishes from the bustling streets of Penang to Food Republic at Shaw. Check out this signature Assam Laksa $6.90, fish-based broth infused with torch ginger, served with mackerel. It is spicy! You’ve been warned!! The recipe was developed after repeated trials by the founder.M44C2742
Do try their specialties, Penang Char Kway Teow $7.50 which has no lack of wok kei, and also Penang Hokkien Mee $6.90.

Also available at the following Food Republic outlets : Wisma Atria

3. Omelette Rice Factory


“Omurice Changes the World!” – Omurice Factory’s tagline, it’s a pretty bold statement for this 1 month old Japanese omelette and curry rice shop, located at Japan Food Town. The pride themselves in serving their demi glace sauce, made with homemade truffle oil. 2017-05-17 08.40.35Prices starting from $8.90, you can choose the number of eggs, a regular omurice has 2 eggs, if you would like more eggs, top up $1 more per egg. You can also choose toppings like pork cutlet or fried shrimp at $3.90 or melted cheese at $1.90. The same toppings are available for their curry rice as well!

4. Takekawa Sushi

Did you know that there is a Japan Foods Town Garden in Food Republic Shaw House? If you didn’t, do check it out, there’s sushi, donburi, omelette rice and even sake! Think of a full-fledge Japanese restaurant with different specializations but in a Food Republic Court Setting.
2017-05-01 18.00.54

The Bara Chirashi don $10.80 served at Takekawa sushi is a rather sizable bowl of fresh pieces of salmon, tuna and swordfish, squid and more mixed in with a light goma sauce on a bed of Japanese rice; definitely value for money.
2017-05-01 11.27.46
Pair this with their Aburi Salmon Roll $12.80 to immerse yourself in a full Japanese dining experience. The Aburi Salmon is torched to perfection and the thickness of the salmon is so generous and it melts in your mouth!

Takekawa Sushi is only found at Food Republic Shaw House

5. Chai Fish Soup

Expect long queues throughout the day if you wish to enjoy a taste of Chai’s Original Sliced Fish Soup! Cooked with fresh whole slices of fish, without any flour batter. Owner Mr Peter Chai chose to deep fry the fish slices in beaten egg. This results in the fish remaining crispier and the fish does not turn soggy when it is left in the soup for awhile.

2017-05-10 19.24.09
Pictured here is the Salmon Thick Bee Hoon $6.50 which generously provides 6 fresh slices of tender salmon together with a huge serving of wispy egg white. You can top up $1 for additional egg which is so good and adds an extra layer of bite and flavour.


The Double Fish Thick Bee Hoon $6.50 which gives you both fresh fish slices as well as fried fish is very enjoyable with their servings of bitter gourd added to the mixture.

The soup used here really impresses me as it is not too salty but yet still flavourful. It is apparently cooked with fish bones, ginger, ikan bilis and yellow beans and left to simmer for about 8 hours!


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