5 Yummy Eats at Causeway Point Food Republic

With a total of 17 stalls and three mini-restaurants among its tenant mix, Food Republic at Causeway Point serves up endless options for foodies and sets up to 700 to cater to large hungry crowds. Here’s a list of my top 5 yummy eats at Causeway Point Food Republic.

  1. Lam’s Abalone Noodles

2017-05-30 10.44.10.jpg

Originally from Race Course Road, Ah Lam has expanded to reach out to the masses through Food Republic. I tried their signature dish, Lam Abalone Noodle $6.80, the mee pok was coated with this gravy sauce that was so thick and well-balanced with the lard and vinegar. The abalone on a stick was really tasty and juicy.

Try out the Lam Salted Baked Chicken Rice $6.80. The chicken is baked till a beautiful golden brown that is shiny with a fork tender chicken texture.
Don’t forget to try the Thai-style chilli, made with coriander, fish sauce, sugar, chilli padi and other secret ingredients. It is truly spicy!

2. Shami Bananaleaf

Shami Bananaleaf is a HALAL mini restaurant situated inside Food Republic, with it’s own dining area just for Shami Bananaleaf patrons!

Mutton lovers raise your hand! Who’s up for some tender, melt in your mouth texture mutton? Pictured here is Shami Bananaleaf’s Cheese Naan with Mutton set $8.

The meat is extremely flavourful, with a nice lingering spicy aroma, the Naan itself had a chewy texture with a distinct cheese layer on top. Shami Bananaleaf other signature dishes included Chicken Briyani with Vegetables set $7.50 and Plain Dosai in Sabal & Chutney $3.50. Take note that the Dosai was crispy, crackling thin, talk about a horizontal tissue prata!

3. Woo Lee Jeep


Woo Lee Jeep is a mini restaurant nestled in Food Republic Causeway Point. Being a restaurant, you can make reservations for tables at this outlet. There’s no service charge or GST like you would pay at their main restaurant located in Westgate, and they serve a very similar menu here at Food Republic.
This was my first experience with Korean Cold Noodles $9, it was alot better than expected. The broth was tangy and a tad sweet, This is a dish I wouldn’t mind having a blazing hot day in humid Singapore. It is kind of refreshing, and satisfies your hunger at the same time.

The stall specializes in Bibimbap, Ginseng Chicken Soup, Bulgogi and Kimchi Ramen. The Bulgogi comes with a choice of pork, chicken or beef and customer can even ask for a mix of two meats.

4. You Men HK Roast Noodles


You Men Hong Kong Roast is a well-established roast meat specialist available at 8 Food Republic outlets. The springy noodles are tossed with a lard-based gravy and served along with char siew, xiao bai cai and wonton. The crispy deep fried wanton is deep fried upon order to ensure golden brown freshness! The minced pork and crunchy water chestnuts in the dumplings are always the highlight for me.

5. Formosa Delights


Formosa Delights  is synonymous to hand-made fried dumplings and springy noodles. Taiwanese owner, Mr Henry Liu’s dumplings burst with generous amounts of meaty fillings that will leave your mouth watering for more.

Formosa Delights serves up a variety of noodle dishes such as Wholemeal Handmade Noodles $6, Fried Dao Xiao Mian $6.50 and also Xiao Long Bao $6.50 with 6 xiao long baos.M44C6033-2

Their Ban Mian $4.80 is served with generous portions of minced meat and fried shallots, definitely a great way to satisfy anyone’s hunger for some real kneaded dough.


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