5 Best Stalls at Food Republic Nex

Serangon Nex is a busy hub serving commuters travelling between the North-East and the Circle line train stations. In the non-stop human traffic flow, where’s a quick place to grab a satisfying and fuss-free meal? My recommendation is Food Republic, situated just metres from the MRT exit.

  1. Fortunate Restaurant


Forunate Restaurant is more well-known for their Toa Payoh restaurant outlet, but did you know Fortunate offers over 100 delicious dim sum menu items at Food Republic Nex or ION Orchard (Food Opera) ?
Fortunate is also the big sister of Bao Today restaurant, which is why I felt that their Custard Bun reminded me of a really yummy Custard Bun I just had at Bao Today! Their Custard Buns are light and fluffy with filled to the brim with salted egg custardy goodness, grab a pair of their golden treasures at a very affordable $2.80. The bun itself had a strong and distinct pandan aroma and taste. Also try out their signature Crystal Bun $3.50 and Paper Wrap Chicken $2 per wing.

Also available at the following Food Republic outlets : ION Orchard (Food Opera)

2. Dawood Prata Point

M44C5204Dawood Prata Point surprised me with this serving of Chicken Briyani $7.50. This is like a mixed rice set with 4 vegetables and 1 humongous fried chicken thigh! The chicken was extremely crispy, tender and juicy inside out, it was served piping hot on my plate too.
The vegetables were amazingly tasty and the basmati rice was settled atop a huge chunk of cinnamon which emphasized the aromatic fragrances of the rice. This is my highly recommended dish to try at Nex Food Republic, hands (and feet) down!

The prata here is freshly made upon orders and do try their Egg Prata ($2), very crispy and aromatic!
Also available at the following Food Republic outlets : Shaw House and Suntec City

3. Guan Chee HK Roast

2017-05-10 19.25.22

​Guan Chee HK Roast was established almost 2 decades ago and are experienced in delivering crispy morsels of Suckling Pig with Rice $7.80 (as pictured). Cooked over a hot charcoal fire, each piece is melt-in-the-mouth tender and full of flavour. The golden brown skin atop a thin layer of fat is one of my personal favourite guilty pleasures, devouring it all at once. Some might qualm about the fats, but it’s the one of the reasons why the meat is so juicy and tender.
Guan Chee also serves up a variety of roasted meats including Hong Kong-style Roasted Duck, Char Siew, Chicken and wash it all down with double boiled herbal soups. Their char siew wanton noodles $5.30 are also QQ in texture and juicy with flavours.


Also available at the following Food Republic outlets : ION Orchard (Food Opera), Parkway Parade and Suntec City

4. Baek Doo San Korean


Baek Doo San Korean is a restaurant located at Jurong Point, but if you are looking for the same quality Korean food at a no-frills price, check out Baek Doo San at Food Republic Nex. Serving a similar menu without paying for GST or service charge.
Pictured here, I had the BBQ Beef $7, don’t forget to help yourself to the kimchi, my dining partners loved it and you should too! The beef was well seasoned and oozing with meaty juices. Paired with my favourite kind of seaweed soup, this makes the perfect rainy day dinner.

5. Thye Hong Fried Prawn Mee


Thye Hong Fried Prawn Mee usually attracts crowds with the display of their huge woks and open fire. You can always stop and watch the chefs effortless toss and cook your favourite local delights. Ranging from, Fried Prawn Noodle $5.20, to Char Kway Teow $4.80 and even Fried Oyster Omelette $6, if you want some good wok-hei-ful delish food, check Thye Hong Fried Prawn Mee out.

Also available at the following Food Republic outlets : 313 Somerset, ION Orchard (Food Opera), Wisma Atria and Vivocity

Stay tuned for more FRoodie bites!

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