Unique eats at Food Republic Katong I12

Have you ever stumbled upon a food court, and wondered if there was something really unique that you should try at a Food Republic? What makes Food Republic unique


1. Yuming Kitchen


Craving for some hearty Korean dishes and not willing to spend an arm and a leg for it? Yuming Kitchen, serves up Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup, both nourishing with ginseng and served with Japgokbap (Korean multigrain rice), Bi Bim Bap $7.50 and Kimchi Ramen $6.
The Bi Bim Bap had a good variety of fresh ingredients, carrots, bean sprouts, tofu, kimchi, cucumbers, and a golden and runny egg yolk. Definitely a fairly healthy lunch option!M44C3031

The herbal soup is both nourishing for your body and also warms your tastebuds! Look at the generous serving of ginseng!


2. Penang Chiak


Craving for a bowl of authentic Penang Assam Laksa or Nonya Style Cutlet rice? Look no further than Penang Chiak, two brothers Leonard and Dave who decided to bring their own hometown delicacies to Singapore. They have re-created popular street food in their neighbourhood, delivered with their parents’ traditional recipes.


The key in their dishes is using authentic and fresh ingredients, specially imported from Penang, such as this Nonya Chicken Cutlet rice, the Nonya style sauce had a good mix of sweet and tangy spices. The crispy and chicken cutlet also completed the meal! Also do try their Penang Fried Hokkien Mee $5.80 and Penang Nasi Lemak $5.80

Also available at the following Food Republic outlets : Westgate

3. Wee Nam Kee


Did you know that there’s a Wee Nam Kee stall at Food Republic Katong? If their flagship stall located at 101 Thomson Road is too far away for dwellers of the east. Head on down to Katong i12.

Famed for its succulent steamed and roasted chicken rice, believe it or not, this is my virgin plate of Wee Nam Kee chicken rice and I was blown away. The crispy, shiny roasted chicken skin is so addictive. Unlike typical sliced chicken, the chicken had had almost no visible fat in between the skin and the meat. The meat was so flavourful, I am almost salivating starring at this picture! I must say, I’m definitely coming back for more of this affordable Chicken Rice $4.80. Not to mention, no long snaking queue, and dine in air-con!

4. Lao Ji Big Prawn Noodle

2017-06-13 22.26.17.jpg

Lao Ji Big Prawn Noodle serves up the quintessential soup stock whereby pork bones are slowly simmered for more than six hours with premium sea prawns, ensuring a robust borth teeming with umami goodness. For seafood lovers, try their Crayfish Noodles $8, served with 2 whole crayfishes.

My personal favourite was this Pork Rib Prawn Noodle, look at that huge chunk of Pork Rib barely seated in the spoon. It’s huge and rather juicy despite not having any sauces mixed into the bowl. The noodles was seasoned with chilli that was a tad spicy for me. Served with 2 sea prawns, and a bunch of pork ribs, this dish is priced at $7.50 and ready to meat you!


5. Pepper Lunch


A hit since they came to Singapore, Pepper Lunch offers do-it-yourself fare with fresh ingredients served in an iron plate. Watch your food sizzle as your drizzle the oh-so-addictive honey brown sauce for that sweet tangy taste! M44C3081

My personal favourites are always the beef and salmon! The full restaurant menu is offered at I12 Katong Food Republic.
Also available at the following Food Republic outlets : 313@Somerset, Causeway Point, ION Orchard (Food Opera), Parkway Parade, Wisma Atria

Stay tuned for more Food Republic FRoodie bites!

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