Bonta Bonta [Invite]


Located in Japan Food Town, in Wisma Atria Level 4 is Bonta Bonta. A place to enjoy authentic Japanese dons served by Japanese chefs. It serves an array of dons, from Salmon, Ikura, to Grilled Unagi, they even serve sake.M44C2560-2

As per normal Japanese restaurants, this is a hole in a wall shop, with about 15 seats. There’s only 1 table that seats 6, the rest are counter top. It’s meant for you to have an authentic Japanese meal on the go. The interior is very bright, with marble-textured tables and every table has it’s own servings of condiments.


J Passport is currently having a promotion with Japan Food Town, whereby almost every eatery there, has a $11.80++ promotion during lunch. Click here to find out more!

M44C2561-2Maguro Negitoro Don ($11.80++) , served exquisitely with sliced tuna and minced fatty tuna in a black bowl on a gold coloured tray. Bonta Bonta definitely takes pride in beautifully serving their dons. Don means rice bowl in Japanese. Negitoro was usually the only way to salvage parts of fatty tuna back in the olden times in Japan, whereby you didn’t have a fridge to keep fish fresh. But now, it is one of the best ways to enjoy flavorful tuna.


Check out the color of the fresh tuna slices, drizzled gently with soy sauce. It truly melts in your mouth. It did not take time to compute the freshness and quality sashimi grade of this slice of fish. Bonta Bonta is also very proud of their quality of rice grains, extensive research has been done to source for these premium rice grains. Bonta Bonta adds a level of umami to their dons with a right amount of rice vinegar to make it so addictive. I’m usually weary of carbs but I polished this black bowl clean of any white rice grains. It was that good!


Overall : Bonta Bonta exceeds my expectation of serving reasonably priced dons with quality seafood. I also liked that I didn’t have to wait long for my food, as the restaurant can only seat about 15 pax, you’ll get your food almost as fast as ordering from McDonald’s! Do give their other dons a try too! In the mean time check out J Passport for other $11.80++ deals on authentic Japanese Food.

Restaurant Info

Name : Bonta Bonta

Address : 

435 Orchard Road
#04-39 Wisma Atria Japan Food Town
Singapore 238877

Opening Hours :
11:00am – 11:00pm (All Days)

J Passport (Facebook/Instagram/Website)

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