Tonkotsu Kazan [Invite]

Started in Year 2013, Tonkotsu Kazan is no new comer to the Japanese food industry in Singapore. Hailing from Osaka, the Japanese owners have been building up famous Japanese brand names and have since decided to start their very own restaurant in Singapore! Tonkotsu Kazan is also located in Indonesia, as well as Thailand. In Singapore, you can taste their Volcano ramen at Liang Court or at Novena Square 2.

So what exactly is a volcano ramen? As the name depicts it, it has a a cone shaped cover meant to help the broth steep for approximately 1 minute and you can observe the water vapour steaming up from the top, which does look like a volcano about to erupt!

Tonkotsu Kazan’s latest creation is the Beef Sukiyaki Kazan at $17.80, valid only for a limited period, be ready to feast on sukiyai style sweet beef goodness!

They offer a variety of volcano ramen, including Hinomaru Tomato Kazan $18.80 , which is my first time seeing a tomato flavoured ramen. There’s also a local favourite, Kazan Curry $18.80. Both are served with cheese and you can choose a lighter portion at $15.80.

For people who prefer the traditional ramen, there’s still a menu for you! Reasonably priced and flexible in your choice of ingredients. Definitely add in the cheese!

Fried Rice $7.00 *highly recommended*
First up, the fried rice served with egg and pork. Do not let it’s simple looks fool you, it is filled with juicy and tender pork meat that is flavoured with the raw egg to sizzle and blow your mind! The rice is slightly charred due to the hot stone bowl. If you like a slight charcoal-rich diet, go for this! Definitely tasted alot better than I had expected or imagined.

Kazan Curry $18.80/$15.80
Original tonkotsu broth enhanced with special blended spicy curry paste (served with grated cheese). Quite a number of us agreed that this tasted closer to that of lor-mee with cha su and cheese! The curry tasted smooth and peppery. The added cheese gave the


Take note that the noodles served here are thicker and absorb the soup altogether, much like yellow mee that you find in mee rebus, rather than the lighter coloured ramen noodles. You are also served a bowl of rice and encouraged to toss that bowl of rice into the broth to savour the goodness of what ends up being a vegetable soup once all the noodles are gone.M44C2337

Chashu Shio Ramen $17.80
– with simmered pork belly

Do you love ramen like I do? I love my noodles to be springy and yet a tad bit hard.

The cha su slices were succulent and juicy without being dry as it’s rather lean, the braised bamboo shoots added a subtle sweetness to the thin yet tasty broth, and the onsen egg is a soft shell hiding it’s golden treasure.

Hinomaru Tomato Kazan $18.80/$15.80
Ever tried a tomato based ramen before? This original tonkotsu broth is enhanced with special blended tomato paste, top up $2 for cheese topping. I highly recommend that you do! This ramen surprised me as it tasted a tad bit spicy, rather than sour as I had expected.

Beef Sukiyaki Kazan $17.80 *Limited Time Only * *highly recommended*
Original tonkotsu broth enhanced with special blended Sukiyaki soy sauce paste


Could literally eat through my nose as the bowl was served to me! Fans of sukiyaki would love this dish, for every mouthful was filled with a fragrant sukiyaki aroma. The thick beef slices were tender, meaty and flavourful with thin layers of fats providing a succulent factor.


The tonkotsu broth is gently poured into the bowl, wait approximately 1 minute before consuming. You will be given an hour glass to ensure your 1 minute is not overlooked!

Yaki Gyoza $5.80/ 6pcs


Served pipping hot, these gyoza have a paper thin skin, wrapping over juicy and flavorful meats on the inside. Don’t forget to eat this with the provided gyoza sauce!

Chicken Karaage $5.80/ 5pcs *Highly Recommended*


One of the better chicken Karaage I’ve tried! It’s no wonder Tonkotsu Kazan is so proud of their secret recipe. Chicken Karaages are one of those dishes that strikes the perfect balance between flavor, texture and richness. There’s a good amount of seasoning, batter and deep frying going on all at once. I can imagine wobbling down to Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen just for these golden brown chicken pieces after clubbing. It makes good hangover food!

Nagoya Tebasaki $6.00/ 3wings


If you have been to Nagoya, in Japan, you would’ve definitely tried this. The wings are lightly coated with flour and deep-fried. The surface of the wings are extremely crispy, dry, crackly, and lightly dusted with seasoning. A bite into the chicken wing reveals the deep flavors of the glaze—savory, slightly sweet, and oozes umami.


Fried Prawns $6.00/ 4pcs


Unlike the generic ebi tempura, that you get at your typical Japanese joint that probably isn’t so authentic, these tempura babies are battered in house, making them extremely crisp on the exterior. Bitting into this, reminded me of biting in a Khong Guan biscuit, no joke!

Assorted Cha Shu $7.00


Look at these slices of Cha Su, they are not too fatty, and yet the texture of the meat looks dry, but your tastebuds will tell you otherwise!

Ice Kazan $8.00


The Ice Kazan here stands very tall, you’ll have to share, to conquer this mountainous desert. For the green tea/matcha Kazan, it is served with premium vanilla ice cream, chewy mochi balls and red beans.


The mango Ice Kazan was my favourite, with a lingering mango taste and a milky texture throughout the entire bowl. The large cubes of mango are filled with natural sweetness and juice. The premium vanilla ice cream was also creamy and added a level of sweetness to the dessert. Making it more flavorful.

Smoothies $8.00
Smoothies are available in Strawberry/ Painappuru (Pineapple)/ Banana/ Mango. The smoothies are great for a refreshing drink alongside your savory Kazan Ramen


Overall : Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen serves reasonably good Japanese food at affordable prices in rather central locations. The volcano may come off as a gimmick, but rest assured the quality of the food is still beyond my expectations. This outlet also has an al fresco dining area, perfect for people watching at Clarke Quay.

Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen
177 River Valley Road
Liang Court Singapore
Unit 01-10 Singapore 179030
Tel: +65 63366898
Sun to Thurs 11am – 10.30pm
Fri/Sat/Eve of PH 11am – 3am


2 lucky readers will win $40 vouchers to enjoy some Volcano Ramen or Ice Kazan at Tonkotsu Ramen?

  • Giveaway ends 14th may 2359
  • Vouchers have no minimum spend
  • Only Valid at Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen Liang Court

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  1. IG: ChildLife.Dreams

    My memories with my mother revolves around traveling together and we will find a time each year to do that together as a family. Not only we travel to increase our kinships, we travel to enjoy the sceneries and indulging in different food around the world.

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  2. Cooked my first meal for her when she is sick and eventually took over the kitchen from then on… Though its not tasty.. but she gets to rest and recover properly. From pale to pinkish cheeks, her face just brings smiles in my heart.

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    When Mum is busy with chores, I’ll make lunch for her, usually a simple bowl of 🍜 is enough to warm her easily satisfied heart. ❤️

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  4. I gave her a home Facial of cleansing, exfoliating, toning, masking and Moisturising at home! She was relaxed and refreshed.
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  5. Sweetest thing I have done for my mother is using mobile app to create memorable photos slideshow video from all our Mother-Son bonding outings as birthday present on her birthday so that she can view it anytime to reminisce our happy and sweet memories !

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