Citrus Bistro [Invite] [Halal]

Located within Sengkang Swimming complex is newly opened Citrus Bistro, sister cafe of Citrus by the Pool at Woodlands Swimming complex. As Citrus Bistro is inside the swimming complex whereby most members of the public would have to pay to enter, you can enter the swimming complex for free when dining at Citrus Bistro by giving the staff a call at 6904 4850 and you will be escorted to the cafe!

I love the ambience being right next to the swimming pools, this is probably one of the biggest public swimming complex I’ve been to!

The dining area is alfresco, but it is breezy with all the splashing fun just metres away. I love the decor of hanging the “fishing net” to dangle the ceiling lights. It gives you a very warm and cosy feel at the bistro. The cake display will be sure-hit for kids in between swimming lessons!

2017-03-24 19.09.32
Citrus Bistro Menu

The menu is halal with a mix of asian fusion dishes. The special menu items that are only valid at Citrus Bistro are the Beef/Chicken Sliders with Nachos $10.90 and Curry Chicken with Rice/Bread $9.90. There’s also vegetarian options as well as salads for the health conscious.

  1. Beef/Chicken Sliders with Nachos $10.90

2017-03-24 23.07.39.jpg

3 mini beef/chicken burgers, topped with sliced tomatoes, crisp lettuce, cheese and served with nachos. This would serve as a great snack for families with hungry children, right after swimming lessons or sports activities. They are bite sized and who doesn’t love burgers? The burger buns hold their shape and are easy to bite into without making a mess. It’s nice to see this being served with nachos rather than fries, as I’m more keen on cheesy nachos than deep fried potatoes!

2. Curry Chicken with Rice/Bread $9.90

2017-03-24 19.43.58.jpg

This was one huge chicken thigh served with a penang style, 15 spice curry. One special attribute about this curry, is that you can distinctively taste and smell the different spices that make up this delicious bowl of curry! The highlight here was the tender and succulent chicken, the meat literally separated from the bone effortlessly! I thoroughly enjoyed the chicken!

3. Tom Yum Seafood Pasta $10.80

2017-03-24 22.36.39.jpg

Fresh clams, squid, prawn with linguine, served in Citrus Bistro’s signature Tom Yum Broth. The linguine was cooked to an al dente consistency, with firmness to the bite, along with a lingering spiciness to each spoonful of broth. As I cannot take spicy foods, this was beyond my tolerance level, but for my dining partner who loves spicy foods, she shared that it was a pretty enjoyable plate of pasta!

4. Rock Road Treat Waffle $9.50 + $1 (additional scoop of ice cream)

2017-03-24 22.38.08.jpg

The flavours of ice cream offered, changes daily and I was glad that Citrus Bistro offered sorbet. To all lactose-intolerant folks, REJOICE! We picked strawberry and lime sorbet ice cream flavours. The waffle had a rather dense texture, and you can get quite full just eating the waffle.

2017-03-24 22.38.55.jpg

Citrus Bistro puts in quite a bit of effort in making everything look pretty, even dousing the ice cream with loads of rainbow bits. Probably would be a great crowd pleaser to children. The crushed peanuts were both pleasing to the eyes and also added a crunchy texture to every bite.

5. Molten Chocolate Lava Cake $8.80

2017-03-24 22.37.06.jpg

This is their signature chocolate lava cake, made in-house and served with sweet banana slices and vanilla ice cream. The lava cake had a thin crisp exterior and the lava cake had no problem “flowing”. It’s not easy to get the timings right for these things, but they sure are pretty to slice into, to get that instagrammable shot!

2017-03-24 22.37.35.jpg

Overall: Citrus Bistro a halal-certified eatery that offers relaxed alfresco dining, with a view of the lively and bustling fun pool and slides. I can see folks, waiting for their kids to end swimming classes, chilling out here, or even bring their children for a treat after or before classes. Prices are all nett, making the menu very affordable.

Promo till 30th April 2017, show this blog post to get 10% off!

– Valid only for dine-ins at Citrus Bistro 

– Discount is not applicable for promotional items 

2017-03-24 19.35.13.jpg

Bistro Info :

Name : Citrus Bistro

Address : 57 Anchorvale Road, Sengkang Sports Centre #01-01 Singapore 544964

Hours : 9am-9pm (closed on mondays, except on public holidays)

Reservations :

Facebook : Click here

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