Ikkousha Hakata Ramen [Invite]


Located just a few minutes walk away from Tanjong Pagar MRT is Two-time ramen champs in Japan, Ikkousha Hakata. Started in 2004 at Hakata, Fukuoka, Ikkousha’s mission is to spread authentic Hakata ramen around the world. The menu is rather inviting with an assortment of broths to choose from, ranging from pork, garlic to even fish! The prices of the ramen is pretty reasonable and always check out J-Passport for on-going promotions!


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The 2 years No. 1 ramen in Ramen Champion is here!

Started in Hakata which is the ramen capital of Japan, is best known for it’s tonkotsu-based ramen, made from pork bones and simmered for many hours.
IKKOUSHA makes the most wholesome tonkotsu ramen, a favorite for traditional ramen lovers and those who avoid overly rich food. You’ll enjoy its refreshing taste. Try it and revel in Ikkousha’s greatness.


The dining area, as per most ramen noodle shops is pretty cramped and they try to squeeze as many people in as possible, but it’s still pretty comfortable. Every table is equipped with a jug of iced water, free flow eggs and other condiments. You won’t have to leave your table to get anything, other than paying.


  1. Gyoza (5 pieces)


First up! Gyoza, my personal favourite side dish when ordering ramen. It’s great for sharing and it’s usually juicy with flavours. The skin of the gyoza here was thin as rice paper, but yet didn’t tear apart when you pick it up with your chopsticks. The skin was slightly charred to give it a nice burnt flavour and also a crisp texture. The flavours of the meat combined well, to offer a melt in your mouth lingering taste!

2. Tonkotsu Standard $12


This piping hot bowl of yellow ramen noodles was served up with a umami aroma. Ramen is the ultimate comfort Japanese food for me.  The curly yellow noodles are slightly thinner than other ramen noodles I’ve tried, giving them more a bite. The texture of the noodles are al dente and the flavourful tonkotsu broth clings to the noodles well!


Check out this thin and yet huge in surface area, slice of pork meat! Drenched and dripping with ramen broth goodness! The pork meat here, are the perfect balance of fat and lean meat which soaks up all the flavours.

3. Black Tonkotsu Ramen $13.50


The broth has strong notes of garlic, which is a change from the usual tonkotsu broth. The broth here is great for those who prefer a stronger and distinct taste in their noodles and ingredients. I felt that the bamboo shoot tasted sweeter in this bowl, in comparison to the tonkotsu. What I liked best about this bowl, was that the noodles weren’t as oily as I had expected, being that it is served with a ton of garlic in the broth.


Overall : Ikkousha Hakata serves up very very good ramen, it is very underated and I know I’ll be back for more with my J-Passport Member card in my iPhone. Definitely try out the other flavours, like God Fire, and pick your spicy-level carefully! Both Tonkotsu and Black Tonkotsu ramen noodles were perfectly flavoured, and not too salty, I’m weary of ramen noodles that have a ton of MSG infused into them, making them tasty, but then also making you very thirsty after your meal. This is not the case at Ikkousha Hakata.


Restaurant Info :

Name : Ikkousha Hakata

Address : BLK7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-104, 081007

Hours : Daily 1130am – 10pm

J-Passport : Click here for the latest promos!



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