Tan Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant [Invite]

Located near Aljunied mrt, at 27 Lorong Bachok, has been the home to Tan Ser Seng Herbs (Turtle) Restaurant for the past 70 over years! We visited the restaurant on a sunday afternoon at 1pm and the vibrant customer base kept flooding in. Tan Ser Seng Herbs is now being run by the 3rd generation, the owner Alan explained to us that the turtles used in these soups are not endangered and they are caught in the wild.

The menu here at Tan Ser Seng is what you see on the board, simple and yet has everything you would want.

  1. Ginseng Black Chicken $13

My favourite of the 2 chickens. The chicken is so moist and tender, the meat just falls off the bones. The chicken skin is glossy with all the collagen. Tan Ser Seng uses the traditional way of “double-boiling” the soup for 13 hours, which means to house all the soup ingredients in a ceramic urn-like vessel, which is in turn placed into a pot of simmering water. Black chickens have been prized for their medicinal value since the seventh century. Women who have just given birth eat it for energy, but it’s curative powers are not gender-specific. Black chicken also tonifies and nourishes the Yin of kidney and liver and bring down fevers that are associated with Yin deficiency.


The chicken absorbs the flavours and the nutrients of the ginseng very well and it tastes so good. I enjoyed this very much and foresee myself coming back for more!

2. Cordyceps Chicken $13


The chicken here had the same texture of the Ginseng Black Chicken, but without the ginseng flavour. Cordyceps has been used for the general health well being by the Chinese for centuries. Cordyceps is usually prescribed to people who have weak constitution. It enjoyed a good reputation as an anti-aging ingredient and is popular among ladies. Like the ginseng, it is highly prized and therefore fairly expensive.


The taste is very unique, very wholesome, totally different from the usual chicken soup. All the nutrients of the herb have gone into the soup. A very nutritious, hearty soup to go with yam rice ($1.30 per bowl)

Scientifically proven health benefits of the Cordyceps Flower:
– Improve respiratory function to treat asthma, cough, emphysema, bronchitis
– Improve kidney, boost energy and improve brain memory
– Improve liver function to treat hepatitis
– Reduce blood sugar, urine sugar
– Reduce blood pressure and ease hypertension, thrombus diseases
– Reduce heart disease risk, numbness of hands or feet
– Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer
– Enhance overall immune system
– Antioxidant and anti-aging

3. Claypot Turtle Soup $39 for 2 pax


To all you hipsters freaking out that OMG! That’s so cruel eating turtles, these are turtles caught in the wild that are not endangered! Turtle meat is a better alternative to other types. Compared with poultry, beef and pork, such meat has a lower calorie content because it has less fats. It also contains significantly more protein. The meat itself does taste similar to chicken breast, with a bit more chewiness in the texture. The soup tastes closer to that of chicken soup.

Traditional Chinese medicine has used soft-shelled turtles for food and medicine for hundreds of years; however, no scientific data has been collected to support any claims.

Another interesting item I tried at Tan Ser Seng, was turtle eggs. There’s literally no egg white in the egg! They come in so many different sizes, embedded into a ginger-tasting broth. These eggs can be exotic in taste. Some of us loved us, some of us would probably remember this unique taste for life!


Imagine popping bobas (the pearls with juices popping out when you bite into them), that’s exactly how these turtle eggs are like. Once you bite into them, a powdery substance with a similar taste of chicken egg yolks comes gushing out!


Overall : Tan Ser Seng Herbs is a turtle and chicken soup specialist! If you have never tried turtle soup, do give it a go, if you’re not so brave, hit their chicken soups and increase your nutritional intake for the day!

Restaurant Info 

Name : Tan Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant 陳生成山瑞补品

Address: 29 Lor Bachok, Singapore 387791


Thursday Closed
Friday 11AM–7:30PM
Saturday 11AM–7:30PM
Sunday 11AM–7:30PM
Monday 11AM–7:30PM
Tuesday 11AM–7:30PM
Wednesday 11AM–7:30PM
Phone: 6748 3953

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