Finders Keepers Bar

Located just 5 minutes walk away from Tanjong Pagar MRT, with ample HDB parking spots in the multi-storey car park across the road is Finders Keepers, it replaced Miss Mollys sometime back. I miss their rainbow cakes! It is touted as a bar, selling alcohol, beers & wines and also bar bites. All prices are nett, which is real neat!

  1. Crispy Pork Belly $16

First up, my friend ordered the crispy pork belly. We were surprised at the portion of the pork belly. ALOT! is what it felt like. Served with a combination of dips, and a decent serving of fries. The skin of the pork belly, wasn’t quite as crispy as I had hoped it to be, the meat was slightly tough, but still filled with juicy goodness. The meaty flavour lingers on and I could use an extra serving of this to go with my drinks on a night out with my girls!

2. Truffle Mushroom Pizza $16This is one huge pizza, definitely not for 1 pax. The truffle aroma and flavour was non-existent, but the texture of the cheese and plentiful mushrooms made up for it! The pizza was thin crust, the circumference of the pizza had a texture closer to that of Khong Guan crackers! Everyone at the table agreed the pizza was worth the calories! The cheese wasn’t too oily or gerlat, but rather it elaborated the taste of the mushrooms.

3. Chicken Cutlet $16 

So I had half-expected this to be a portion of deep fried chicken cutlet, but was slightly saddened to see a black pepper sauced chicken chop? Nope. The chicken chop tasted decent, again with a huge portion of fries.

Overall : I have no real complains on the food. The food tasted alright, even at the original prices, I would still go for the pizza, but either please add truffle to it, or remove the word truffle from the menu. 🙂  I had dined here using eatigo  , a reservation app that gives you varying  discounts based on your reservation timings. I had visited Finders Keepers on a saturday afternoon at 12pm.

Bar Info

Name : Finders Keepers Bar

Facebook : Click Here!

Phone :6222 2671

Address: 2 Craig Rd, Singapore 089662


Monday 12PM–12AM
Tuesday 12PM–12AM
Wednesday 12PM–12AM
Thursday 12PM–12AM
Friday 12PM–12AM
Saturday 12PM–12AM
Sunday Closed

One thought on “Finders Keepers Bar

  1. Thanks for the write up. We are always improving and will be changing part of the menu very soon. Working out details now. So do expect an exciting change to happen at Finders Keepers Bar in the near future. Thanks


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