KL Delight Seafood Restaurant [Invite]

Located less than a 5 minute walk from Aljunied MRT is KL Delight Seafood Restaurant. Opened just 6 months ago, this new business is not a newcomer to the restaurant business. Owner, Nelson shared that he used to run and operate a coffee shop in Toa Payoh selling Chinese Rice and also Chinese Tze Char, and now he has moved to a full-fledged restaurant, while maintaining the same chef and kitchen crew.

The menu has something for everyone, seafood items with prawns, squids, mussel/clams, sea cucumbers and mantis prawns are some of the eye-catching menu items for it. It’s so hard not to look at the beautiful pictures on the right, screaming “ORDER US!”

There’s a list of cooking styles for crabs, the one that stood out for us was the “Malaysian Kam Heong” style. Nelson also recommended us to try their salted egg crab, which is a family favourite. The crabs are priced at $68/KG for the night we visited and they are also running a promotion of $48 for 2 crabs (500-600g each)

For fish dishes, you can choose between Red Grouper, Sea Bass, Black Grouper and even Cod, each has it’s own seasonal price.

If you really can’t decide what to eat, pick up this menu, which has glorious pictuers of all the food items. At one glance, I’ll pretty much pick items from this random matrix! 🙂

For singletons, you can still pop up during their lunch hours and order Fried Rice or noodle items starting at just $5 for a small! **20% off for lunch (11.30am – 4pm) Check in on FB to redeem (limited period).

I’m not really into veggies but they also have a wide range of vegetables options.

 1. Deep fried white bait with spices salt $12/$18/$24 (Small portion pictured)

This makes a great snack for any meal, the right amount of flour was applied to the white bait, making it extremely crisp and airy. It carried a nice aroma of spices, but with no spiciness to it.

2. KL Hokkien Noodles $6/$9/$13 (Small portion pictured) *highly recommended*

My personal favourite of the night, I’m the kind that loves burnt noodles aka noodles with a ton of wok hei. The KL Hokkien noodles here are thick, with a chewy noodle texture along with a thin layer of oily sauce coating the noodles evenly. There is a mix of vegetables, egg and prawns. I definitely see myself coming back for more of this!

3. Deep fried fish skin with salted egg $12/$18/$24 (Small portion pictured)

A rather new tze char item that seems to be popping up in eateries all over is salted egg fried fish skin. The fish skin are very thin, making them crisp and enjoyable. The salmon skin were dusted with salted egg powder  and then deep fried, making them savoury with a pleasant lingering salty aftertaste. The characteristic salted egg flavour was distinct but faded gradually.

4. Wok fried crab with spices in “Malaysia Kam Heong” style $68/kg

This was one huge crab! The pincers were huge and plump with meat! . Kam Heong, literally translated to mean “golden fragrant”, it does indeed come with a fragrance unique to the dish which I think I shall attribute to the presence of the curry leaves. Very often, I noticed fried crabs, carry the taste of the spices on the crab shell, but the crab meat can taste rather bland.  Aromatic in nature,  due to the dried shrimps, chilies, curry powder, shallots and garlic. Elaborated on the whole yet not too overwhelming that it conceals the freshness of the crabs within. The aroma of the Kam Heong is rather sweet, than spicy. The crab meat for me, was plentiful but I felt that they might have fried the crab for too long, as the crab meat seemed to have shrunk a bit within the shell.

5. Deep fried & wok fried crab with salted egg yolk $48/pair (500-600gm each) Promo

Salted egg crabs are usually a signature for crabs and with the promo going on, it very enticing to try it! At 500-600g per crab, it’s alot smaller than the Kam Heong crab, but it is still filled with lots of juicy and succulent crab meat that absorbed the salted egg flavour very well! The salted egg aroma was subtle but vivid in taste. Overall, I think this would make a great crab option for family with kids, who cannot afford to try the spicier crab cooking style.

6. Sea Bass steamed in Nyonya style $30/kg (600-700gm each)

The  fish they used was absolutely fresh like still swimming in the curry fresh. Usually curries can afford to use older fish because the heavy curry spice would cover up the scent. At KL Delight Seafood, the curry is milder and light, unveiling the fresh taste of the fish.

7. Mantis Prawn Wok fried with minced garlic and chilli powder in “Hong kong” style $20/$30/$40 (Medium portion pictured)

The fried mantis prawn was lightly battered, with give each prawn a thin perimeter of crunchiness, along with a juicy prawn meat in the center. They were generous with the portion of prawns and with the minced garlic and chilli powder. You could easily detect the flavours of the minced garlic in every bite of the mantis prawn. This would make a great starter even for those who can’t take spicy foods! Pretty addictive!

8. Deep fried yam ring (Dice chicken with cashew nut) $16 or $32 (Small portion pictured)

Served with overflowing chicken and cashew nuts. I was looking forward to this as I’m a huge fan of Yam Ring. It was slightly crispy on the surrounding and the yam was of the right consistency, the flavour of the yam could’ve been more pronounced as I felt that it was a tad too bland. The chunks of juicy chicken meat however tasted much better with a distinct sweetness covering the entire chicken!

9. Crispy leaves Baby kailan topped with chicken floss $12/$18/$24 (M)

The presentation of the serving looks good and the vegetables were full of flavour thanks to the chicken floss!

10. Braised Pork Belly with Special sauce $15 (one size)

I couldn’t believe who shiny this braised pork belly looked on my camera. It looks so fake! Almost plasticky! But it is good, melt in your mouth good with a tinge of sweetness.

Overall : KL Delight Seafood has such a wide range of menu items, I’m guessing at least way over 100, and they are pretty decent at executing the dishes. There’s nothing to dislike about the food here. Location is convenient, air-conditioned dining area, friendly staff, food is served in reasonable timing and another cool thing, everything is NETT priced!

Thanks to Nelson and Roy for food tasting invite.

Restaurant Info 

Name : KL Delight Seafood Restaurant

Address: 45 Lor 27 Geylang, Singapore 388177
Phone: 8363 3340


Thursday 11:30AM–11PM
Friday 11:30AM–11PM
Saturday 11:30AM–11PM
Sunday 11:30AM–11PM
Monday 11:30AM–11PM
Tuesday 11:30AM–11PM
Wednesday 11:30AM–11PM

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