Chatuchak Thai Tea

Located at Icon Village just a short 2 minute walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT is Chatuchak Thai Tea. It is focused on selling Thai Tea drinks and Thai Tea infused desserts. It has a dining area for about 10 pax and most of the customers on a weekday seemed to be officer workers, getting drinks or snacks on the go.

Service is pretty fast with about 2 or 3 staff mending the stall. The menu isn’t too vast so it’s pretty simple to prepare and hence short waiting times.

  1. Thai Yogurt Green Apple Drink $3.50


One of their latest drinks, the staff recommended me to try it. On a melting hot weekday lunch time, this is your saviour! Smooth, milky cool drink with a distinct essence of green apple. The sweetness level is just right for me. I would this would be a great choice to cool down! The drink is not too sour in terms of yogurt taste. This drink comes in one-size, large at $3.50. It also comes in 3 other flavors Blue Hawaii, Kiwi and Mango.

2. Chocolate Egglet Waffle with Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream $7.80


Are you a fan of egglet waffles? These waffles are crisp on the circular edges but light and airy in the puffy “egg” sections! With chocolate chips thrown into the batter, it makes a great blend of flavors. Not to mention the very awesome Thai Milk Tea ice cream. One of the best Thai Milk Tea ice cream I’ve had. You can taste the authentic thai tea goodness along with the lingering aroma. Waffles tend to turn soggy after the ice cream melts but the egglet managed to outlast the ice cream, it stayed crispy throughout. This is a great platform to serve takeaway waffles with ice cream, order, grab and enjoy! I highly recommend you to try their Thai Milk Tea ice cream!

3. Plain Egglet Waffle with Green Tea Thai Milk tea ice cream $6.80

2017-02-10 15.13.15.jpg

The plain waffle was just as good as the chocolate waffle, it had a nice buttermilk aroma along with a subtle sweetness. The green tea thai milk tea ice cream is so good, I highly recommend matcha lovers to try this. I would even top up the extra $2.80 for another scoop of this! Yes! An egglet waffle with 2 scoops of green tea thai milk tea ice cream is probably what heaven tastes like, in my humble opinion 🙂

4. Thai Iced Milk Tea $3


Compared to some other Thai Milk Teas I’ve tried both in Singapore and in Thailand, this is one of the lesser-sweet variant. However it still brings out the signature thai tea leaves flavour.

5. Green Tea Thai Milk Tea $3


There’s even a green tea thai milk tea! There’s something for every thai milk tea lover here at Chatukchak!

Overall : reasonable prices, excellent egglet waffles and ice cream. I’m just sad that I don’t work in Tanjong Pagar, else I would patronize them more often 🙂

Cafe Info

Name : Chatuchak Thai Tea

Facebook :

Address: 12 Gopeng St, Singapore 078877

Sunday Closed
Monday 8AM–7PM
Tuesday 8AM–7PM
Wednesday 8AM–7PM
Thursday 8AM–7PM
Friday 8AM–7PM
Saturday 10AM–5PM

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