Perfetto Cafe

Perfetto is Italian for “Perfect”, as such you would expect some really good food from this cafe on Bussorah Street. Conveniently located just a few minutes walk away from Bugis mrt. It has both an indoor and al fresco dining. Book early, if you want to be dining in air conditioning! I chanced upon this restaurant while using the eatigo reservation app.

Check out their menu here!

  1. Lamb Baked Rice $15.90+

Sink your teeth into juicy pieces of lamb, baked with Mozzarella Cheese and rice

This was truly a nice surprise! The cheese portion was generous and perfetto in texture and temperature! This cafe wasn’t kidding when it named itself, the lamb was minced rather than actual pieces as per menu description. The minced lamb was flavourful and juicy, which added a greater volume of taste to the rice.


Check out that cheese stretch!

2. Chicken Cutlet $13.90+


The fried chicken cutlet here was a decent portion! The batter reminded me of KFC’s original recipe! The fries however were overfried and hard, no biggie, I’m not a carb fan. The sauce provided with the fried chicken cutlet was a good blend and balance to the cutlet.

Overall : At the reservation time I had booked on a weekday at 7pm, there was a 50% off discount via eatigo, with that said I paid less than $10 per main and I felt that the food was good! Convenient location and a cosy cafe environment. Do check them out if you’re in the area! They are open till 12mn daily for all you hungry supper people!

Note : there is 10% service charge, no GST and the eatigo discount does not apply to drinks and for this establishment, it does not apply to desserts as well.

Cafe Info 

Name : Perfetto Cafe

Facebook :

Address: 11 Bussorah St, Singapore 199432

Sunday 10:30AM–12AM
Monday 10:30AM–12AM
Tuesday 10:30AM–12AM
Wednesday 10:30AM–12AM
Thursday 10:30AM–12AM
Friday 10:30AM–12AM
Saturday 10:30AM–12AM

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