RedRing Treasures [Invite]


Located in Wisma Atria Food Republic is 4 year old RedRing Treasures. Touted as Singapore’s first cutlet noodle specialist, owner Esther shared about their humble beginnings from a wanton mee stall in Holland Drive, to taking up a Food Republic unit on Orchard Road.


On top of just cutlet noodles, which you can choose between Pork, Chicken or Fish. RedRing also offers a variety of sides, including Squid cutlet served with salted egg sauce $6, Paper Wrap Chicken $2/piece and for those who are truly hungry. Feast your tummies on Cutlet Platters designed for 2 or 4pax at prices starting from $13.


So what’s the verdict? What’s so special about the cutlets served at RedRing?


  1. The Chans spent 9 months performing numerous R&D and taste tests to produce their best tasting cutlets. For pork, chicken and fish, the batter is different. I only had the chance to try the pork and chicken. They are truly unique.
  2. The noodles are served with a choice of sauce, either red sauce which is spicy or traditional clear chicken broth. The red sauce takes up to 4 hours to extract maximum flavour from pork bones and is mixed with 14 secret ingredients.
  3. You can get a second cutlet at a top up of just a $1 with your order of noodles or rice!m44c3360
  4. RedRing is all about  serving quality food that Mrs Chan deems as “Shiok”, at affordable prices with high standards of service. m44c3347


  1. RedRing Cutlet Platter $21 for 4 pax


For $21, you get 1 pork cutlet, 1 chicken cutlet, assorted mushrooms, 2 paper wrap chicken and a squid. Served with RedRing Treasure’s in-house made mayonnaise, salted egg yolk sauce. For each platter, you can top up just $1.50 for a serving of noodles.

The chicken cutlet was my favourite. Chunky, tender and flavourful meat, in a nice batter that sort of reminded me of milder version of KFC’s original recipe. The meat was well seasoned and carried a nice aroma.

The assorted mushrooms could’ve used more time on the cooling rack as I could literally pancake them and squeeze out quite a good bit of oil. Definitely not for the health conscious. But, I still decided to pay the price of spending a longer time in the gym tomorrow and devoured the mushrooms!

m44c3406The pork cutlet, was huge in surface area, thin, crisp but a tad too hard for my liking. But I’m usually the kind that likes meat in chunks rather than flattened out. The batter was good, it wasn’t too thick, hence the pork cutlet was pretty dry and not dripping in oil.

The squid was nicely cut up to form almost like a fan-shape. The squid was tender, succulent and flavourful, well marinated with the addition of a gritty batter. A pity the accompanying salted egg yolk sauce was so mild. It would’ve been a great combination with legit, grainy salted egg yolk sauce.

2. RedRing Onion Flower $7


I was pleasantly surprised to find this fried onion flower served at RedRing, commonly served in bars or western restaurants. This is my first time, seeing it at a food court, with a price tag of under $10 too! Definitely affordable, and great for sharing. Peel out the onion from the edges and dip it in the RedRing Treasure’s homemade sweet garlic aoli.

m44c3374What I adore most here is the fried batter, adding a pleasant crispness- though some had turned soggy. The batter itself wasn’t too salty, as with my previous experiences with onions like these, I usually find myself reaching for a drink very often.

3. RedRing Paper Wrap Chicken $2/Piece


The thin paper-like crisp layer was filled with generous portion of chicken. The end result was a perfect marriage with a fragrant aroma of spices and flavourful note. Love how the paper wrap provided a crunchy mouthfeel with a tinge of sweetness!

4. Cutlet Noodles $5.90


The RedRing Whole Egg Noodles was cooked to an al dente consistency, with firmness to the bite. However, both me and my dining party felt that it was a tad too oily


Overall : RedRing Treasures promises and deliver cutlet noodles at affordable prices. Alot of time and effort has gone into precision engineering of the right ingredients, batter, texture and cutlet. There’s still some hit and misses, but the hits outweigh the misses. RedRing Treasures is slated to open 2 more stalls by March this year, located in Takashimaya and City Square, do give them a try if you’re in the area!



RedRing Treasures is having a promotion till 31st January 2017, for 3 or more pax ordering $20 or more, get a Free RedRing Onion Flower worth $7

Name : RedRing Treasures

Address : Food Republic Wisma Atria, Stall 6, 435 Orchard Road, Singapore 238877

Hours : Daily 10am-10pm

Website :

Contact :96803201

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