The Wild Restaurant

Located in Westway, just across Haw Par Villa MRT is The Wild Restaurant. Serving up western cuisine in a comfortable setting. Alot of thought was put into designing the perfect dining experience. The entire dining area receives alot of natural light, great for an instagrammer.

the wild menu.png

Their menu offers a range of appetizers such as salads and side dishes like your typical hipster favourite, truffle fries $8+ and not forgetting Tangy Wings $8+ . For meats, you have Pork Knuckle $36.80+ and Lamb Shank $26.80+. They also serve up some awesome home made desserts like Panna Cotta $5+ and Tiramisu $8+

  1. Pork Knuckle $36.80+ (Highly recommended)img_1762

Let’s start off with the reason of why I’m writing this review. The pork knuckle here is simply done perfectly! The brown skin has an even thickness all around that produces a loud crackling sound what you try to cut it up or bite it. The crispness of the skin doesn’t go away even after 30 minutes of dining time. The meat itself is so tender, you don’t need a knife, a spoon or fork would suffice. It is also served with what tastes like the chilli sauce you get with hainanese chicken rice. Definitely an first for me to eat pork knuckle with this local favourite chilli condiment. I am sold and would be back for more of this crackling goodness! The portion here is great for 2 pax.

2. Tang Wings $8+


These wings are served up crisp with a drizzle of tangy sauce. The sauce itself was a tad too spicy for my liking but the wings tasted decent. At least they were plump with lots of meat. The batter itself wasn’t too oily and this would make a great meal starter.

3. Lamb Shank $26.80+


Served up beautifully on this plate, was the lamb shank, the aroma aroused my tummy senses! The meat was so tender and soft, imagine just gently nudging the meat here, and the meat separates itself from the bone. Served with a nice sweet and savoury sauce, the meat carried alot of flavours and textures.

4. Pizza


The pizzas served here are thin crust! Rejoice! I’m a huge fan of thin crust pizzas and The Wild Restaurant did not disappoint. There was a good blend of cheese to ingredients and the base of the pizza did not turn soggy despite an extended photo taking session.

Overall : A great place to hang out with your friends and family in the west, as this cafe is very homely and cosy! There’s definitely something for everyone here.

Thank you 8 days and The Wild Restaurant for hosting!

Restaurant Info :

Name : The Wild Restaurant

Address: 27 West Coast Highway, Westway #01-12, 117867

Tuesday 12–9PM
Wednesday 12–9PM
Thursday 12–9PM
Friday 12–9PM
Saturday 12–9PM
Sunday 9AM–3PM
Monday 12–9PM

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