Triio Darts Cafe Bar

Located in Westway, just across the road from Haw Par Villa MRT is Triio Darts Cafe & Bar. I’ll be honest, Westway is a very quiet shopping mall, it’s really just one floor of some commercial units. The korean restaurant is brimming with customers and on the far edge you have the children’s indoor swimming pool. But on the other end of Westway, you will find Triio Darts Cafe & Bar. It’s easy to spot it, as you would notice all the darts machine blinking with lights to capture your attention!

It has a dining area for about 20 pax, the tables are all oriented to face the dart machines. Most customers do come here mainly for darting, but also for the occasionally drinks and snacks.


Here’s what they offer. In terms of food, it’s not a full fledged cafe, but for a darting F&B, it seems to be very reasonable in price and also offers a decent selection.


  1. Round Waffle with Matcha Ice Cream $8.90+

I’m a huge fan of crispy waffles and this is the dictionary example of crispy! It is also light and airy on the inside with a nice buttermilk aroma that lingers in your mouth. The matcha ice cream was alright, it did not carry the earthly bitter characteristic I was hoping for, but while I was in between aiming for the bulls on the dart machine, it sort of took away my attention to the taste of the ice cream. I love that they serve these waffles with walnuts! I was delighted by their generosity in the walnut toppings.

2. Iced Matcha Latte $6.20

In the ice cream, the bitterness was missing, but in the latte version, the matcha was so strong and overpowering, I had to walk back to the counter and ask the friendly young chap for syrup. Oh boy! Triio Darts Cafe & Bar definitely know what real matcha is when it comes to a drink! *Do note each customer has to order a drink in order to play darts*


3. 2 Octagon Waffle with Chocolate ice cream $7.90+

This was one frozen ball of chocolate ice cream set atop of my crispy buttermilk waffles. Like, it took awhile for it to melt, before my spoon could even dig into it, in the mean time, I was happily conquering the delicious waffles. Again, served with alot of walnuts, I was stoked about this. I would definitely come back here for these waffles, even if you’re not planning to dart, the waffles are great! The ice cream, definitely doesn’t taste home made, but would probably suffice for most chocolate lovers.

Here is our spread of snacks, we decided to order for a group of 5, seaweed chicken ($6.90+) and cheese fries ($5.90+) More cheese sauce please!

4. 1 Chocolate waffle with vanilla ice cream and salted egg sauce $5.90+

Looking at all the holes and airy pockets of this waffle I wasn’t hoping for the crispiest of waffles, the real down side was that it really tasted more like a cake than a waffle. The salted egg sauce on the other hand was too bland, and I couldn’t taste any salted egg. This is a vast contrast to their normal waffles.

5. Chocolate lava cake with gelato $7.90+

The lava cake’s consistency was great! It flowed just as expected and it was so chocolately and rich. Not too overpoweringly sweet or gerlat and again we have the frozen chocolate ball. I’m so confused, do they scoop up the ice cream and then freeze the ball?! All in all, a pretty awesome lava cake, that we actually re-ordered later in the night!

Overall :  Reasonably priced desserts, snacks and drinks. Lots of Darts Live machines to entertain your group of friends. Even if you don’t dart and you’re in the Haw Par Villa area, just drop by and try out their waffles and ice cream!

Cafe Info 

Name : Triio Darts Cafe Bar

Address: 27 West Coast Highway, #01-13, 117867
Phone: 6493 7298


Wednesday 4PM–1AM
Thursday 4PM–1AM
Friday 4PM–1AM
Saturday 4PM–1AM
Sunday 4PM–1AM
Monday 4PM–1AM
Tuesday 4PM–1AM

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