Orchid Live Seafood


Located in the quiet area of Sembawang is Orchid Live Seafood, popular with Chinese families who flock here for their lobster cravings. The car park is free but it is limited to 20 or so cars, most cars back in and block each other, hence the restaurant staff would run in and out calling out car number plates to kindly ask the customers to move their cars.

  1. Batin Fish 40


It was my family’s first time trying this dish, it has a very smooth texture that almost melts in your mouth, the black sauce itself wasn’t too heavy in salt or msg, so I didn’t really feel thirsty which was nice.

2. Fried Vegetables $15


Apparently the vegetables served here are grown just behind Orchid Live Seafood. Hurray for using local and fresh produce.


But I’ll be honest, the vegetable leaves did have some black marks on them. No holes at least! The vegetables tasted alright, nothing to wow about. Just enough to make you feel good about your diet.

3. Steven’s Chicken $24


Named after the chef Steven, this is basically fried chicken, fried so hard core that the bone is brittle when you bite on it! The crispiness of the chicken skin is addictive and we wiped out this dish in seconds! I needed another serving of this!

4. Lobster Porridge $100/KG


This is what we came here for! Lobster tasted alright, although I know these aren’t fresh lobsters, in comparison to what I had in Boston, it’s still “fresh” enough to satisfy my cravings. The meat comes right off the shell! The porridge was also so flavourful and good, that I lost count of the number of bowls of porridge I had!

Overall : Decent chinese family dining location, $40/pax.

HUGE TIP! Definitely sit outside, do not fear the mosquitoes for the indoor dining area, with the air-con is so deceptive as the air con are so weak! You would think that since Orchid Live Seafood is filled to the brim everyday, they would at least be able to repair the air con or at least get more powerful ones. There’s like 6 window AC units in that small area of about 7 tables and it’s useless! Which is why everyone just orders the $1 per stick of Potong red bean ice cream after their meal!

Restaurant Info : 

Name : Orchid Live Seafood

Address: 1 Bah Soon Pah Rd, Singapore 769959
Phone: 6756 0311

Open Everyday· 11AM–11PM


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