Stone Age [Invite]


Located 218 Bedok North Street 1, is Stone Age, a restaurant in the quiet neighbourhood of Bedok that serves up family style Chinese Cuisine. There’s both indoor and outdoor dining areas as well as private rooms, great for family functions.


The decor around Stone Age, brings about a rather nostalgic feeling, lots of brown, wood, and display of Chinese culture.


  1. Dendrobe, Lingzi, Cordeceps with Chicken  $22/$32/$42


Really tender chicken that falls right off the bone, with a strong aroma of all the nutritious Chinese herbs. Definitely one of those super nourishing soups that old folks would enjoy. Great for your body, soul and lots of chicken to go around to feed the hungry tummies.

2. Sautéed prawns with wild mushrooms $18


Served with 4 types of mushrooms, this was my favourite dish. Lots of crunchy fresh prawns with a slightly sweet flavour together with mushrooms some of which were crunchy, chewy and also juicy. Lots of texture and flavours going on with this dish that compliments well together. The design on the plates are drawn out by the chef using fruit jam. A for effort there, it definitely makes the dish look more appetizing!

3. Golden Sand Ribs with Garlic $12/$18


A typical favourite at any Chinese family meal is pork ribs but one served up with golden sand and fried with a crispy exterior is definitely to be a big family hit. The flavour was pretty intense and had a distinct sweetness. The meat was slightly tough and it took quite a bit of effort to get the meat off the bone.

4. Tendons braised in superior abalone sauce served with sautéed shiitake mushrooms $25


Loved the presentation of this dish with a quail egg right in the center. The tendons were also extremely soft and filled with juices from all the flavouful ingredients.

5. Beggar chicken $25


My first experience with Beggar’s Chicken. Served pipping up with clay covering the aluminium foil that holds the chicken.


The waiter will hammer the clay to reveal the chicken and the whole chicken is in tact. The chicken didn’t really bring about any fragrance or aroma, similar to that of the Dendrobe, Lingzi, Cordeceps with Chicken. Once I tried to take a serving of this chicken, I realized why, the meat wasn’t tender enough to be removed easily, and the flavour of the chicken had yet to set in. I think there needed to be more sauce or essence from the chicken to make this whole chicken more tender. The chicken just tasted tough and bland.

6. Crispy skin pork neck $18


Sweet pork that is seasoned with plum sugar, peanuts and sesame paste. It wasn’t crispy as the menu item name stated. But the sweetness of the pork neck hits the spot for me and I really liked it. I felt that there was also, too much mayonnaise and was afraid that all that mayonnaise would overpower the pork neck, but no worries there. The tender pork neck was still the star of the dish.

7. Crispy Fried Barramundi $18


This is a first for me to see fish served in a Chinese restaurant like this. Stone Age definitely puts in extra effort in pleasing your eyes as well as your tummy! Unlike the previous this, this was indeed crispy! So crispy, I thought I was eating suckling pig! There was an earthly characteristic of the fish that left a nice lingering flavour. This was definitely not enough for me, and apparently this only comes in one serving price at $18. Double serving for Melissa please?

8. Braised vegetable in Claypot $18


If you’ve got vegetarians in your dining party, here’s an menu option for you guys. Lots of mushrooms, broccoli and more. The mushrooms were extremely juicy and flavourful. The broccoli could’ve been steamed longer to be softer in texture.

9. Rice simmered in sharks fin & fish maw broth $28


Filled with “treasures”, this is not your typical porridge. Lots of huge pieces of sharks fin and fish maw can be scooped up along with the soft rice. Stone Age is very generous with their valuable ingredients here. The broth of the porridge was very aromatic, and is pretty tasty, but not too salty, that would cause me to reach for my drink.

10. Jelly with Red Bean Toppings $4


A cute potted dessert served with real mint leaves, mushed up red beans and hidden beneath the “soil” is matcha flavoured jelly. Not exactly for matcha lovers, but would probably still be favourable with children.

Overall : Family friendly restaurant that serves up pretty interesting dishes that taste great and also look pretty. Prices are NETT so it makes all the menu items here pretty affordable as well.

Restaurant Info : 

Name : Stone Age Restaurant

Address: 218 Bedok North Street 1, Singapore 460218

Phone: 6604 9633
Facebook :
Hours : Hours 11:00AM – 3:00PM, 5:30PM – 11:00PM


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