Long Black Cafe


A specialty coffee shop and eatery located at the cozy alfresco dining area of Biopolis Way is Long Black Cafe, serving coffee brewed with fine roasted coffee beans sourced from Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia and India.

The menu ranges from sandwiches, pastas, burgers and salads.

I chanced upon this place while looking for something to eat around the Buona Vista area and with my very useful EATIGO app, and with determination to save up money for my upcoming vacation. I picked a time slot that I could receive a 50% discount off food at the Long Black Café, aka 630pm on a Friday night. Take note the discount does no work on drinks and for this outlet, the discount does not apply to desserts either.

  1. Truffle Fries $5.90+


I was pleasantly surprised at the portion of truffle fries at this price point! That’s a lot of freshly fried potato with a strong and distinctive aroma of truffle oil. As the dining area is alfresco, the truffle fragrance does dissipate pretty quickly. Nonetheless, a great starter!

2. Spicy Tabasco Wings $5.90+


Shiny with Tabasco sauce evenly smoothened over the winglets, these wings were said to be HAWT! And yummy at the same time.

3. Sauteed Mushrooms $5.90+ *highly recommended*


I wasn’t expecting much when I ordered this but oh boy~! are these great tasting sautéed mushrooms. I almost wanted to order another server of this. These were so juicy, with the characteristic earthly flavour. Mildly salty with a tinge of cheese fragrance.

4. Calamari Rings $5.90+


You get about 8 pieces of Calamari ring but at half-off, $3+, that’s not too bad, but I wouldn’t pay full price for this side. Nothing fantastic but also nothing bad about this.

5. The Long Black Special Beef Burger $12.90+


That’s one juicy looking beef patty and the buns looked so crisp but sadly they were soggy and bland. The beef tasted reasonably good along with their crisp fries. You can also swap the fries to a salad, to be on the lighter side.

6. Salmon Baked Rice $10.90+


It took another 10-15 minutes, after we were served this, to cool down the dish before I could consume it without scalding my tongue. There was a lot of cheese, some salmon and lots of mushrooms. YAY! But sadly the rice didn’t take in the flavour from the ingredients and it was more like creamy rice with a side of cheese.

7. Chicken Baked Rice $9.90+

The chicken baked rice tasted better than the salmon baked rice, as the rice always soaked up the chicken goodness. I would go for this again if I were to dine here at the Long Black again.


Overall :  A nice place to dine and hang out, but do remember it’s alfresco dining, and you are at the mercy of the stand fans. Go for their chicken baked rice and sautéed mushrooms. I didn’t get a chance to try their coffee but it sure looks like a good cuppa!


My bill at The Long Black with EATIGO! No gimmicks, just download the app, create an account and pick a venue and a time slot. Every time slot has a varying discount!

Café Info

Name : The Long Black Cafe

Address : 20 Biopolis Way, #01-02Centros Block, Singapore 138668

Hours : Monday – Friday8.00 – 20.00

Phone Number : +65 6478 9945

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