Each-A-Cup Festive Drinks [Invite]


Each-A-Cup has been in Singapore for the past 16 years, originally called Healthy 2000 in Taiwan. The trend of freshly-brewed tea has never died down! Die-hard fans of bubble tea are always craving for more of this milky goodness with a varying amount of sugar and flavours.


Each-A-Cup has revamped their menu to be more concise but old-school fans of Each-A-Cup can still request for the old drinks, for myself I would still go for a “Chocolate Sunrise” 🙂 If you know what that drink is, HI-5!


There are so many different types of tea available and the teas are freshly brewed! Did you know that the tea does not come out of a bottle, and straight into your cup. I’ve always had this misconception that there isn’t alot of caffeine in this hipster drink, but I realized I was so wrong, when I was brought through the whole process of brewing the tea!


The cup sizes have changed over the years, as Each-A-Cup continues to remain competitive, they have provided consumers more options to take their drinks with them. I love the 1 Litre cup, great for sharing, or even taking it out for a party!

Each-A-Cup has launched their festive flavours which are available at all outlets in 700ml from 25th Nov 2016 till 31st Jan 2017

  1. Four Seasons Macchiato $4.50 *Recommended*


First up, a clever concoction of Jadeite Tea with creme and Matcha. This is the healthiest of the three festive drinks. Jadeite Tea belongs to the Oolong Tea family that promotes health benefits overall, aiding digestion and boosting metabolism, making it both a delicious and wellness drink that can be enjoyed in any weather. I really liked this drink as the Jadeite brought out the fragrance of the tea. The matcha was a bit weak but I was fine with it. I definitely preferred this drink before I mixed the milk. Not sure why, but after the milk was added, I couldn’t quite taste the tea anymore. The milk itself has a salty aftertaste. I would personally order this without the milk.

2. Matcha Azuki Freeze $5.90


I’m a avid matcha fan and I always believe that matcha flavoured menu items should always be available ALL THE TIME! Same here for this drink, definitely please put this on the regular menu. The matcha flavour here was a bit gentle but coupled with the whipped cream and red beans, it was sweeter than I expected. I was hoping for some distinct matcha flavour to appeal to my matcha characteristically bitter tastebud. But nevertheless, still a nice matcha drink to grab on the go!

3. Cranberry Coffee Freeze with Nata De Coco $5.90

I was looking forward to trying this cranberry coffee freeze. It sounded like a good mix of christmas flavours with a common favourite. The cranberry did not bring about the nostalgic christmas flavour I was hoping for, rather it gave a very distinct cinnamon after-taste that made me question this drink. The coffee taste was overpowered by the cranberry which I would have preferred to be the other way around. I mean, it’s a ice blended coffee drink after all.


All the drinks are visually appealing and I would say, Each-A-Cup has been venturing into trying out new flavours, drinks and new markets. But Each-A-Cup needs to work out the kinks in the drink innovation department or stay with the old drinks that we have spent the last 10 years getting accustomed to.

Thank you Michelle and Affluence PR for the invite.

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