MEGU Catering Concepts


I was excited to be invited to MEGU Catering Concept’s Christmas Experience menu tasting at One George Street.


Set to whet anyone’s appetite is their array of seafood, meats and platters. Beautifully set up, complete with a photo booth, MEGU sure knows how to host an event.


Before I start diving into the numerous food dishes such as this Christmas Epicurean Platter ($38), served with turkey ham, chicken salami, smoked duck, beef pepperoni and apple chutney. I must say, MEGU catering has a really interesting catering concept whereby they are more keen on ensuring that your family and friends have a lovely time mingling together and to leave all the food operations to MEGU. Hence, they came up with Party Set Decor, that comes free with every order of Party Set. Fariy lights, christmas table placemats, strawberry scented tea light candles and more! Definitely the first catering company I’ve come across that puts in so much effort in letting your design your own Christmas Table!


Let’s start off with the carbs, such as Pomodoro Fusilli pasta ($32), made with basil, tomato and parmesan. Soft, and a tad chewy this fusilli pasta was very flavourful.


Shrimp lover? Do pick their Sauteed Tuscan Shrimp ($42) which had a nice crunchy bite into each shrimp.


My favourite pick of the night was the Bake Scallop Mornay ($42). So much cheesey goodness, baked perfectly atop the scallop. I think this would be the first tray to be cleaned out if I ordered this for my family’s christmas feast!




How about some Aburi Salmon sushi for you? Torched on the spot! I must admit, I was super stoked to see a sushi booth with sushi getting prepped up right before you!


The assorted of sushi was just right for me. Mostly raw and reasonably fresh in fish quality.


Next up the meats. There was a carving station, with a friendly chef to assist you. Ooooooooh! Is pretty much what came to mind when I saw this beautiful ham all untouched and smiling right back at me, saying “EAT ME!” All right, I must admit, at most catered christmas meals which my family picks, meat is usually cold, dry, tough and usually closer to that of cardboard texture. The Honey Glazed Ham ($78 comes with a 1kg Chocolate Earl Grey Log Cake) was alot sweeter than expected, but it still retained some moisture and was juicy. The Roasted Boneless Turkey (2kg) was alot drier but with the cranberry jam, it was pretty yummy and I even needed a second helping. But to be honest, Turkeys are a tough one to make right, especially when cooking in huge numbers.


Moving onto desserts. I couldn’t wait to get started!


There were so many desserts to choose from!

  1. Bite sized Pecan Tarts
  2. Mixed Berries Shooters
  3. Chocolate Brownie
  4. Red Velvet Cake


Do not under estimate these pecan tarts. GIVE ME LIKE 10 OF THESE PLEASE! The tart itself itself too hard, it almost crumbled and melts in your mouth. Beneath that glorious pecan are numerous pecans in the filling! Pecan lovers, REJOICE!


The log cakes were beautifully decorated, such as this Mango Banana Log Cake (1kg/$48)


It comes in a presentable box, great for gifts!


Once the sushi was all snapped up, the sushi counter turned into a creme brulee counter! ZOMG! Watching these yummy ones get torched. These weren’t too sweet, and was alright for me, but I know these would be a great ending to any Christmas meal!


At the end of MEGU’s Christmas Experience, 26 yr old owner, Mr Caleb Tan, came up to share how he envisioned all to experience delicious Christmas Buffets and celebrations with MEGU’s numerous festive sets. He also hopes that everyone will have an exciting and yet meaningful time with loved ones to make this season a truly special Christmas.

Thank you MEGU Catering Concepts for the tasting invite.

You can check out MEGU’s Christmas Table Menu HERE!
Christmas Tables at MEGU

To place your order, download the order form HERE!, fill it in and email it to Or, you could print it out, fill it up by hand and fax it to 6744 6820.

MENU A – $18 per pax $19.26 per pax with GST • Minimum 50 pax

MENU B – $23 per pax $24.61 per pax with GST • Minimum 30 pax

MENU C – $28 per pax $29.96 per pax with GST • Minimum 30 pax

FROSTY APPETISERS Christmas Epicurean Platter turkey ham, chicken salami, smoked duck, beef pepperoni, apple chutney Mesclun Salad mixed spring greens, almond flake, balsamic vinaigrette

SANTA’S PRIDE Roasted Sirloin Beef baby potato, demi-glace

THE FIREPLACE Tarragon Lemon Chicken garlic, onion, butter Deep Fried Battered Fish dill aioli dip Sautéed Tuscan Shrimp tomato, garlic, oregano Baked Scallop Mornay béchamel, mozzarella, parmesan Sautéed Broccoli & Carrot garlic oil, onion Pomodoro Fusilli Pasta basil, tomato, parmesan

DECADENT SWEETS Mixed Berries Shooters Bite-Size Pecan Tart Christmas Pastry Delights chocolate brownie, red velvet cake LET IT FLOW Soothing Honey English Tea


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