The Lab SG [Halal]

The Lab SG is a halal cafe located just 5 minutes walk from Bugis MRT. It first started out as a european cafe, famed for their burgers, and their “Lab” theme, whereby drinks are “experiments”. The Lab has now changed with times and primed up with new instagramable desserts and milkshakes.

I had called to make a reservation but was told, reservations were only taken for parties of 6 pax or more. At 730pm on a thursday night, I walked in and was assigned an outdoor table, as all the seating in the air-conditioned area was full. I wasn’t too upset about it as the wall outside was creatively done up, and despite watching one of the table fold up and come crashing down, when another patron placed her handbag on it, I was still cool with sitting outside. You could people watch and also check for the summon-aunty 🙂


The indoor dining area was well-lit with a really long table for a party of 8, most of the tables are set up for groups of 4. As I was looking for an area around Bugis to dine with my friends, I looked to my Entertainer App to look for new places to visit with $$ savings in mind. The Lab was a new addition to the app starting 1st Nov 2016. The great thing about the Entertainer  is that there’s always new eateries listed! It was so new, that the staff had to flip open a ring binder to figure out how to redeem it as she excited exclaimed that I was the first Entertainer app customer.

The Entertainer app gave me Buy one Get one Free mains at The Lab. However “mains” here did not include burgers or pasta. It was slightly upsetting, but we were recommended to try the Gehaktbal and Crispy Salmon Skin. img_0933I must admit, the cheerful young boy that served us definitely did his job with going the extra mile to come out and check on us numerous times. The typical customer service I get when being seated outside is that, staff won’t be able to notice us, when we need help, as they are mostly inside, clearing tables and serving other customers. But this boy, just kept coming outside to check on 2 or 3 tables that were seated outside to see if we needed anything. 🙂 Yay!

When I was at the counter ordering my food, I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by this sight. Lots of cakes, including a thai milk tea cake, rainbow cheesecake and GALAXY donuts! I couldn’t resist it, I had to try this beautifully coloured donut, at $3 each.

So here was my bill! Thanks to The Entertainer, we got 4 mains for the price of 2!

Let’s start with the sweet stuff first!

  1. Matcha Peanut Butter Milkshake $13

Served “Over-the-Top” milkshake style, this milkshake is set to WOW diners. For $13, I felt that it was reasonably priced too. Digging deep into the milkshake was like looking for sunken treasure! The peanut butter was alright, probably your typical peanut butter from the supermarket and as with every girl on the diet would fear, “Is it too sweet?” The answer would be 100% NO! It is not sweet, but neither is the taste of the matcha evident. It tasted more like a plain milkshake with some peanut butter inside. For authentic matcha lovers, look elsewhere. Otherwise, have fun nibbling on the pretzels and gem biscuits.

2. Nutella Brownie Milkshake $13


This milkshake tasted alot better than the Matcha Peanut butter. Lots of brownies embedded within it too, and it’s also not too sweet! I would probably go with this milkshake over the Matcha Peanut butter in my next visit

3. Rainbow Waffle $15

Me ordering this was a result of all the printed photos of this waffle dangling around the indoor dining area. It looked so pretty in the photo and in real life too! Waffle, drizzled with strawberry sauce, and what tasted like Mat Kool ice cream, topped with more gem biscuits, fairy floss and kueh piring that was slightly (“Lau Hong”) . It indeed was food for my eyes. img_0962Taste wise, the ice cream together with the strawberry syrup was too sweet. The waffle texture was more towards a cake. It wasn’t crispy neither was it fluffy. It was dense and sweet on it’s on. I actually ate most of this waffle on my own.

4. Galaxy Donuts $3 each

I am infatuated with these donuts. O-M-G! They are so pretty. They are also freshly made on the spot, you can ask to have them fried and served with your mains, or served later as a dessert. I had asked to serve it right up, right after I had placed my order. The donut itself gave off a sweet aroma and the icing was sweet but yet not too overpowering. The size of the donut was just right for me.


5. Crispy Salmon Skin $17

Okay, they weren’t kidding when they called this dish Crispy Salmon Skin. The skin wasn’t even attached to the salmon fillet. It was thin and slightly glossy. The salmon fillet was rather sizable and tasted great with cream sauce. Served with roasted baby potatoes, this was pretty awesome.


6. Poulet $20

The chicken here was served with carrots, brocolli and baby potatoes. The chicken wasn’t as great as a the salmon but it was still a decent sized portion to fill up any hungry soul!

7. Gehaktbal $16

Two giant beef balls served up in a stew loaded with vegetables and potatoes. This was the most flavourful dish we had. A nice surprise that had us wanting more of these beef balls.

The beef balls, despite their size managed to take in all the aroma and flavour from the stew, making the beef extremely tasty and yummy. I would definitely go for this again!

Overall :  A pleasant dining experience as The Lab SG continues to wow patrons with new creative and unique desserts as well as main dishes. Take note, they only accept Cash or Nets

Cafe Info :

Name : The Lab SG
Address: 1 Jalan Pisang, #01-01, 199069


Monday 12–10PM
Tuesday 12–10PM
Wednesday 12–10PM
Thursday 12–10PM
Friday 12–10PM
Saturday 12–10PM
Sunday 1–10PM
Phone: 6299 5681

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