Muugu Fork [Halal]

Muugu Fork is a casual, family friendly Halal restaurant serving up value-for-money western & local fare. I found out about this place through eatigo.

I needed a place that had a kitchen open late night > 10pm and Muugu Fork’s kitchen closes at 3am, thanks to the nearby bars. Located on arab street, it’s within 5 minutes walking distance to Bugis MRT and ample parking can be found along side arab street, or beach road and YAY! for free parking after 10pm.


The cafe is in a shop house as such it’s deep in, but kind of narrow side to side. It’s good for groups of fours but that’s about it. Muugu Fork also hosts parties and I would definitely think this would make a cosy cafe to host any celebration.


Their prices are reasonable even with the 10% service charge. As I was dining in Muugu Fork using eatigo reservation at 10pm on a friday night, I had 50% off food items.


For mains, Muugu Fork promises great beef choices like Their Ultimate Tenderloin Steak, which we decided to skip and try the Ribeye steak instead. Halal bangers and mash aren’t too common and so I was delighted to see it offered here.


Even with steak and burgers or pizza. There could be someone in your party graving for local food, such as myself as I ordered the Penang Fried Kway Teow!

  1. Pommery Mustard Chicken $8.90+ *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*


I had no idea what these were so I decided to order it to give it a try. These are crispy chicken balls seasoned with punchy pommery mustard and served with a side salad. Imagine crispy McNuggets that are tangy and slightly sweet with a juicier chicken taste. I felt that the price of this dish was kinda steep but I really enjoyed it.

2. BBQ Chicken Wings $8.90+


Hawker center stall chicken wings in a cafe?! I’m extremely pleased to see this! These wings probably won’t beat any of your favourite hawkers, but it’s so comforting to have these along side your pasta and truffle fries. These wings weren’t dripping in oil, so YAY for that. The skin was paper thin and slightly crisp.

3. Garlic Fries 7.90+ *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*


I ordered this dish just so I could fill up our tummies but it ended up being so yummy, I’m pretty sure I was the one who ate the most fries. The garlic aroma wasn’t overpowering, but rather provided a lingering aftertaste, along with the soggy fries, it was addictive.

4. Cream of Wild Mushroom $6.90+ *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*


This place is definitely under-rated, it was practically empty on a friday night at 10pm but this soup was so good, we ordered 2 bowls!  There was so much mushroom in this soup, I kid you not, there’s more mushroom that actual soup liquid.

5. Ribeye Steak $29.90+


Tender, bloody, yummy. That’s pretty much how I would sum up this ribeye. The brown sauce was also so good, I ended up dipping the garlic fries into the brown sauce. Definitely pick the brown sauce when ordering this!


6. Meat Lovers Pizza $18.90+


Thin crust pizza fans, here’s the dish just for you guys. Paper thin pizza crust that bites like a Khong Guan cream cracker, loaded with premium beef slices, turkey bacon, capsicum, fresh mushrooms and onions. Also note for all mains, you can top up to get a soup of the day and a soft drink/hot tea/coffee.

7. Crab Meat Pasta $16.90+


My friend wasn’t too keen to order this as we were debating on how much crab would be on the dish, and sadly he was right. Not alot of crab, but the light tomato cream sauce was umami enough to bring out the flavour or just the al dente spaghetti noodles. The crab meat was still reasonable for the price we paid but just don’t be too hopeful if you’re craving for crab meat.

8. Mushroom Carbonara Pasta $16.90+ *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*

Just like the mushroom soup, this pasta was AWESOME! Even on the menu, you can see the label (damn shiok) next to the dish name. Definitely ORDER A PLATE OF THIS when you visit Muugu Fork, you will not be disappointed. I adored that Muugu Fork used legit mushrooms rather than cheapo button mushrooms.

9. Penang Fried Kway Teow $11.90+


Thin white rice noodles stir fried with numerous ingredients and sufficient wok hei. The noodles were flavourful from the variety of ingredients. The kway teow noodles provided a little authenticity with it’s characteristic white colour and thin shape in comparison to your typical char kway teow from the hawker center.

10. Ondeh Ondeh Cake $8.90+


Ondeh Ondeh cakes are my weak spot and I always have to order it when I see it. Or maybe order two of them! For someone who loves ondeh ondeh cakes, I have definitely seen and tasted this exact ondeh ondeh cake elsewhere but  nevertheless, with an extra scoop of ice cream. This is probably my favourite rendition of it. Light, sponge cake layers with real coconut and gula melaka embedded within. It’s not too sweet, for those who shun at getting diabetes.

11. Chocolate Milkshake $8.90+


A great milkshake to wash down all the goodness that you had especially the Fried Kway Teow and Garlic Fries. The smooth, creamy texture of the milkshake was refreshing and the chocolate wasn’t too strong and just right for me.

Overall : Muugu Fork is an awesome place to have a late night meal, when most of cafes have already closed. Their kitchen is opened till 3am on friday! Definitely try their steak, mushroom soup and mushroom pasta! And if you can plan ahead of time, make a booking via eatigo.


Cafe Info :

Address: 142 Arab St, Singapore 199828
Phone: 6292 7363
Free Wifi : Yes (You have to like their Facebook page)


Thursday 1–11:30PM
Friday 1PM–3AM
Saturday 1PM–3AM
Sunday 1PM–1AM
Monday 1PM–1AM
Tuesday 1–11:30PM
Wednesday 1PM–1AM

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