Word. [Halal]


A bistro style café nestled along Upper Thomson Road serving fusion cuisine that combines elements of different culinary traditions.
The food is served in a rustic-chic space with warm wood accents and a container like concept.


Dining area is rather spacious that has a wood theme going on, great for parties and large groups. You even get a full view of the kitchen. I’m quite particular when it comes to food preparation and watching the kitchen staff prepare my food is great!


And here we go, the line of cooks, with a few random items that are microwaved which I never like but oh well, we aren’t in a 3 star michelin restaurant. But nonetheless, these awesome guys get food out quickly and in an orderly manner. Yay!


  1.  Say Cheese! $8+

Mozzarella cheesticks that were a hit with my friends, look at that cheese stretch. But as someone that has gone around several eateries and tried the cheesesticks, you would immediately know these cheesesticks are not made in-house. Rather, just supplier brought-in. Nevertheless, if you are craving cheesesticks get this. If not, GO FOR THE  MAGIC MUSHROOMS!


2. Magic Mushrooms $10+ (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

These battered mushrooms are indeed magical, especially with the provided dip. Kid you not, if you’re a mushroom lover, go for this, you will not regret it! These golden brown, freshly fried babies encompass a juicy and oh so soft and smooth mushroom on the inside. BEWARE, THEY SQUIRT OUT MUSHROOM JUICE! The dip is super addictive. We ended up using that dip for all the fries.


3. Blur Like Sotong $10+

Calamari rings with aioli dip. I liked that the sotong itself wasn’t too chewy, despite have a nice bite, and that the batter wasn’t super thick, hard that would remotely remind you that this wasn’t freshly battered.


4. Mother Cluckers $14+

Okay I’ll admit, I ordered this before it looked amazing on instagram and everyone had great stuff to say about this. Yes it was immensely awesome when it was served to our table. The potato puree was Godlike and it melts in your mouth with a distinct truffle aroma. The chicken legs were sizeable, and definitely portion for 2~! At least 2 of me. The chicken skin looked thin, and I was expecting a satisfying crisp, but unfortunately, the chicken was dry and the skin just glued itself to the dry meat. Elsewhere, the meat tasted reasonably delicious but with the lack of a juicy and tender texture, this dish was lacking. I would definitely give this another try in hopes for a juicer chicken! Oh and with an option for an UPSIZE of the potato puree please!


5. Between the Buns $15+

RAINBOW BURGER BUN! Yes, I did not edit this photo. It’s legit, food colouring galore. If you’re on of those freaks getting cancer from eating numerous food colourings, I pity you, because this burger didn’t just look great. The buns tasted great too! Fluffy bread that acted as soft pillows to sandwich a huge chunk of beef. The beef was so umami. With the earthly flavours of the kale, caramelized onions and tomato sauce. I’m surprised people aren’t lining up outside this cafe for this beautiful and also yummy burger!

Overall : Word. is a great cafe for any meal, it’s also halal, with free wifi with friendly staff to explain the menu to you. I really enjoyed my experience at Word. and look forward to bringing more friends with me next time round to try more items on the colourful menu.

Cafe Info

Address: 906 Upper Thomson Rd,  Singapore 787110


Tuesday 12–10PM
Wednesday 12–10PM
Thursday 12–10PM
Friday 12–10:30PM
Saturday 12–10:30PM
Sunday 12–10PM
Monday Closed
Phone: 9742 9224

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