Gills n Shells [Invite]


Gills N Shells  is open 7 days a week from 3pm to 1pm and located at Hotel Boss – facing the newly transformed Rochor Canal.


It has a rather roomy dining area, that is sheltered with air conditioning blasting to provide you with a comfy experience. You can locate Gills N Shells, by first locating Char-Grill which is directly opposite.

The menu here ranges from western style food like Mozzarella Cheese Sticks ($10.90) to Asian inspired Spicy Buffalo Frog Legs ($16.90). There’s also on-going late lunch set meal and happy hour promotions. Gills N Shells boast an exciting blend of oriental and western flavours throughout their menu.

  1. Beergarita


A mix of Corona and lime atop a giant glass of Tequila. It sure is pretty and great for chasing away your monday blues. Happy Hour timing at Gills N Shells is from 3pm-8pm, going from $9 Nett for their full pint beers.

2. 1/2 Dozen Baked Oysters $25.90img_0602

– Choice of Bacon Cheese Herbs Tomato Sauce or Chef’s Specialty Sauce


I really enjoyed the baked cheese, bacon and herbs on the oysters. It created a crusty exterior with a cheesey, gooey texture on the inside, which added lots of flavour to the oyster.

3. Spicy Buffalo Frog Legs $16.90 


These frog legs are sourced from Vietnam, whereby the frogs are bigger than those farmed in Singapore. They are also pretty meaty.   The frog legs were succulent and juicy. The spiciness was closer towards the sweet side and I really enjoyed the lingering sweetness.

4. Clams & Mussels $15.90 

– Spicy White Wine Clear Broth with Herbs, Garlic Onions & Chilli or Smokey Herb Tomato Garlic Sauce. Served with Focaccia Toast.

The clams and mussels here are sourced from Myanmar. The toast here is made from scratch and sure tasted so. It was crisp on the edges and not too buttery.  It added a nice crunch to this dish. The broth was flavourful and yet not too salty. Definitely a great option to start off your meal with!

5. Maine Lobster $28.90 


– Grilled with Spicy Herb Garlic Butter & served with fresh garden greens.

The fact that this Lobster travelled so far from Boston, shows  Gills N Shell’s passion in delighting your palate with the taste of their ocean-inspired dishes. The lobster meat tasted okay, I wouldn’t say it tasted as good as the ones I had in Boston, but let’s be realistic, we’re 10,000 miles away from Boston.  With the ambiance of Gills N Shells, this lobster is so much more enjoyable. Not to mention, the fries that weren’t too salty!

6. Truffled Infused Cod $24.90

– Chef’s Special Creation. Succulent cod pan-fried, baked and topped with braised preserved radish.

Seeing radish on a pan-fried cod, definitely not a common sight, or combination anywhere. Quality here definitely compensates quantity. The fish was fresh and tasted better than expected. Even though I’m not a fan of radish, it provides an earthly flavour that I was savouring bit by bit. It was good! Definitely worth another visit for this dish!

7. Hae-Bee-Hiam Pasta with Soft Shell Crab $18.90


This pasta is not for the faint hearted. The noodles were harder in texture with an extra factor, Hae-Bee-Hiam! The noodles were evenly tossed to provide each mouthful, a flavourful and aromatic experience. The soft shell crab was sizeable but a tad too salty for my liking. A downside of this dish, it was too oily for my liking and too spicy. For majority of spicy-food lovers, this would probably be a BIG hit for you. Nevertheless, substantial portion and a flavourful note was definitely worth the indulgence.

8. Grilled Tiger Prawn with Salted Egg Pasta $18.90


Served with numerous tiger prawns along with an assortment of spices and salted egg, the pasta was able to retain it’s chewiness along with the flavours from the various ingredients. This Asian fusion dish had the right ratio of noodles to ingredients that carried off a tinge of spice and shiok salted egg buttery aftertaste. The combination of salted egg, spices and prawns was a wining factor and pleasant sensation to my taste buds.

9. Salmon Burger $17.90


Served with Housemade teriyaki sauce, this huge serving of salmon is sure to satisfy your salmon cravings. The end result of pan frying this salmon, crispy, thin salmon skin along with tender, melt in your mouth salmon. The flavour from the housemade teriyaki sauce provides a savoury umami flavour to the burger. The burger buns are also said to be made in-house from scratch.


10. Roasted Stuffed Chicken $18.90

– Stuffed chicken leg roasted with fresh herbs and cream cheese.

Glistering brown chicken leg skin is what made this dish look so irresistible. Elsewhere, the flavour of the chicken was missing, along with the stuffing?

11. Gills N Shells Tiramisu Jar $10.90


Served in a rather tall jar for it’s serving size is Gills N Shells home made Tiramisu. Melts in your mouth instantly and it is so smooth and creamy. If you close your eyes, I bet one would think that this is Tiramisu ice cream! Not a bad way to end your meal by the Rochor River.

Thank you to Big Roy and Gills N Shells for the invite!


Restaurant: Gills N Shells

Location: 500 Jalan Sultan, #01-19 Hotel Boss, Singapore 199020

Telephone: 6493 2238 / 9062 6759



Cuisine: Modern European Seafood

Open Since: January 2016

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