Brownice Italian Vegan Ice Cream

Brownice Ice Cream is the first dessert place in Singapore to serve low-calorie, low-GI, low-fat, vegan-friendly and dairy-free ice cream made from organic brown rice. Guilt-free ice cream at it’s best. Even though it’s dairy-free, you should note that the ice cream does not taste icy at all, though it also lacks the creamy taste, Brownice ice cream still holds the smooth textures.

Brownice is available on the Entertainer app. Buy 2 scoops and get 2 scoops for free! An awesome saving of $8! So my waffle with 4 scoops of ice cream only cost $13.50. Not sure if there’s any other place in Singapore that can beat this quality of ice cream and waffles at this price! Click HERE! to check out the other eateries I’ve been to in the month of October that has Entertainer app deals! img_0548

The 4 scoops of ice cream we picked were :

  1. Coconut
  2. Hazelnut
  3. Matcha
  4. Peanut Butter

It might sound like alot of flavours, but they all went well together. First off, if this is your first visit to Brownice, definitely go for the coconut! There’s real coconut fruit embedded in the ice cream! It is slightly creamy, with authentic coconut taste and sweetness. It goes really well with the chocolate syrup topping.

The matcha wasn’t too bitter, and the sweetness level was just right for me. I don’t like matcha ice creams that taste too sweet or artificial. Over here, the matcha was closer to the grainy texture, as unlike the coconut, the matcha wasn’t able to have a smooth aftertaste. Nevertheless, probably the best guilt-free and vegan matcha you can taste in Singapore! 

The peanut butter was too sweet for my liking, but you could taste real peanut butter embedded into the ice cream. Think of chunky monkey from ben and jerrys. Lots of peanuts too, that adds a crunchy bite in every scoop! 

The hazelnut was almost like eating nutella ice cream! It was a tad sweet, and I probably wouldn’t finish a whole scoop by myself, but give me a scoop of coconut or matcha, and it will magically disappear with a spoon in my hand.

The waffle here is of a crispy consistency. I would say, this is one of my most favourite waffle places in Singapore. Despite the waffle not having any fragrance or aroma. The light, airy and yet biscuit like edges makes this waffle so addictive.

Overall :  A great place to get vegan ice cream, even if you’re not a vegan, or trying to stay on a healthy diet. The ice creams here are great, and so are their waffles. There’s free wifi too! Definitely download the Entertainer App before heading down to Brownice!

Cafe Info : 

Name : Brownice Italian Vegan Ice Cream & Kitchen

Address: 8 Sin Ming Road, #01-03 Sin Ming Centre, 575628


Sunday 12–10PM
Monday 12–10PM
Tuesday 12–10PM
Wednesday 12–10PM
Thursday 12–10PM
Friday 12–11PM
Saturday 12–11PM
Phone: 6456 6431
Wifi password : iloveicecream

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