Seasonal Salad Bar

Located right at Kent Ridge MRT is Seasonal Salad Bar. It is Halal certified, wallet friendly and most importantly, during lunch time, for under $20++, you can get a main course, with free flow drinks and salad!

Using the Entertainer app, I was able to enjoy Buy one get one free Mains!


So we basically paid $19.90++, for two mains with salad buffet. Talk about massive savings! I truly love my Entertainer app!


Let’s talk about food. The salad bar, isn’t just all greens. There’s your typical salad offerings, with ranch, caesar dressings, as well as potato salad with tuna, or egg mayonnaise salad. There’s also a soup section, there was mushroom soup as well as tom yum soup offerings. The mushroom soup tasted okay, there were sizeable slices of fresh mushroom in the soup.


This was the dessert section. It didn’t look very exciting to me, so I only tried a cube of apple pie, which was hard and too sweet. I would say skip this and go for their soft serve ice cream, that you have to gentle with, when operating. The machine squirted out ice cream at a rapid pace. But the ice cream was smooth and not too icy. There’s a variety of toppings you can add to your ice cream. Great option for kids!


So here’s what I grabbed from the salad bar. As pathetic as the noodles looked, they tasted really good. Tasty, with a tiny bit of wok hei flavour. The crab stick salad wasn’t too bad either. I picked Fanta Grape as my drink and later changed to Iced Milo. Yes, free flow drinks are awesome!

Pepper Sirloin Steak $21.95++


Here was the steak, I would say, for the price we are paying, it was okay. At least they got the done-ness right!

Cheese Mushroom Steak $19.95++


By the time, my main arrived, I was 50% full. The meat patty didn’t look the most appetizing but it tasted reasonably good with the sauce as well as the melted cheese. I wasn’t able to finish this up but I would’ve gotten more salad at this point. I’m not saying that the main was terrible, but the quality of the salad bar is way better than the food that comes out of their kitchen.


Overall, a very satisfying lunch, that is also very wallet-friendly. The outlet at Kent Ridge, was rather quiet, and with free flow drinks, soft serve ice cream, I would say this is a great place to chill. During weekday afternoons, they even have a promotion from 2-5pm for hi-tea dessert buffet, at just $8.90++.


Check out my bill for 3 pax, I’m pretty sure you can’t get a better deal than this with a buffet! Total savings of $19.90!!


Don’t forget to share on social media, when you have dined at a restaurant and used an Entertainer deal, to get 200 coins! These coins can be used to redeem more deals on the Entertainer app! For $85 a year, you can definitely recover your ROI within a few meals!

And yay! I just got my badge for being a Social Saver!


Restaurant Info :

Name : Seasonal Salad Bar

Adress : 1 Lower Kent Ridge Road, #04-18/19/20, S(119082)

Tel: (65) 6734 2652

Seating capacity: 89

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