The Mad Sailors

Located along Haji Lane, and a sister cafe of The Working Title, famed for their burgers, is a British style cafe that serves up Halal food. There’s both outdoor dining as well as an air con dining area on the second floor of the shop house. I had been meaning to try this place, but just never found the time, this time, I was ready with my Entertainer App!


There’s Buy One Get One free mains at The Mad Sailors, using the ENTERTAINER app, saving around $18 per main! Continue reading to see what I enjoyed both, with my tummy and my wallet~!

Get seated, comfy and grab a menu. At one glance, you will spot numerous fish and chip items, including Haddock, Cod, Dory, as well as Deli items, pastas, and Sarnies. Your usual big breakfast is also available. Comfort food for any occasion really. Most of the mains are priced from $18-$24. All prices are nett.

  1. Bangers & Mash $18Served with Beef, this is prolly one of the few Halal bangers and mash I’ve seen in Singapore. The beef was so juicy and tender. The skin of the bangers were so thin and almost crispy. The mash was so light and melted in my mouth. This was a rather light main in comparison to the fish and chips, a great choice for young ladies who are watching their diet.

2. Haddock Fish and Chips $20


Golden brown, two huge pieces of freshly fried haddock slices of fish. Serves with chips and slaw. The batter was crisp on the outside but slightly doughy on the inside. The same was noticed in the Cod Fish and Chips. At least, the oil they used was fresh, as there was no lingering aroma of oil. The fish itself tasted reasonably fresh, though slightly bland. The chips were great! Definitely worth the calories!

3. Cod Fish and Chips


To be honest, I couldn’t really taste the difference between the cod and the haddock, except that the cod fish meat was softer and slightly mushier.  The fried batter was exactly the same. I wish that the fish could’ve been cooked a bit more, so that the batter would be firmer.

4. Gravy Train $20


Probably the best main we had. This was packed with so much flavour and meat. I am now excited to go to try The Working Title, for their burgers. Just like The Mad Sailors, The Working Title also takes the ENTERTAINER app! The bacon here wasn’t as skinful as your typical pork bacon, it was extremely flavourful. The brioche here was done perfectly, crisp in areas you need it to be and fluffy in other areas. On point!

5. Banoffee Cake $8.50

Processed with Snapseed.

Made in-house, this cake was screaming my name! Banana and Coffee, both my personal favourite. There were actually banana fruits embedded in between the cake sponge. The cake sponge itself was drenched in coffee, but the coffee flavour couldn’t be picked up. Though, you could smell the coffee fragrance. Elsewhere, the banana cream was a tad too sweet for my liking.

6. Truffle Chips $12


You would think that after ordering so many mains with chips, why am I ordering Truffle Chips?! Because the chips here at The Mad Sailors is awesome!

Overall :  A lovely cafe, with rustic notes, great service from the staff and comfort British food. Definitely go crazy with the carbs here!

Checkout my bill after using the Entertainer App! (2 FREE MAINS!) So don’t forget to purchase the Entertainer App before heading down to The Mad Sailors, or any of the hundreds of Restaurants in Singapore. #EntertainerSG #DownloadtheEntertainerimg_9822

Tip : Spend $30 at The Mad Sailors, and get 10% off their sister cafes, valid 1 week from the date of the receipt!

Restaurant Info

Name : The Mad Sailors

Address : 24 Haji Lane, Singapore 189217


Tuesday 11AM–10AM
Wednesday 11AM–10AM
Thursday 11AM–10AM
Friday 11AM–10AM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 11AM–10AM


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