Montana Singapore [Invite]


Welcome to the Montana, two floors of dining and wine experiences, catered to a variety of palates. They have recently added new menu items, as well as a new wine selection.

A really cool thing about Montana is that they truly appreciate wines and they appreciate honest value to their customers. As such, all wine servings are priced at $17, so you don’t have to pick based on your budget. Tell them what flavours you tend to like and they can recommend you some wines to TRY! Yes you heard that right! Montana lets you sip the wine before going on to purchase a glass or bottle. Talk about placing customers first!


I love places with All-day brunches, because you can get brunch along with mains at any time! Or you can even grab brunch, desserts and even a glass of wine. Checking out the new menu, you will spot new items like, the Braised Beef Cheek with Carrot Kimchi, Spicy Chorizo Orecchiette and their newly launched FREAKCAKES!

img_9918The dining room experience in Montana is slightly different between the ground floor, mainly for enjoying the wines and chilling out, versus the second floor, for dining and just soaking up the environment.img_9949

On the night, that I visited for food tasting, I witnessed lots of students, and groups of youngsters celebrating birthdays on the second floor. There’s lots of dining area for big groups and Montana can accommodate families too, with lots of baby chairs available.

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Did this photo of the new dishes cause your tummy to rumble? If not, scroll down and get prepared for the hydrochloric acid in your stomach to scream for FOOD!

1.Spicy Chorizo Orecchiette $18++Processed with Snapseed.

Chorizo, grated parmesan cheese and garlic breadcrumbs, chorizo sausage (with an option of linguine)

Orecchiette in Italian translates to “small ear” due to it’s shape. It’s texture is smooth, with a thicker consistency in comparison to a penne. It results in a chewier pasta bite, that resembles more of  a home-made pasta taste. The spiciness of this dish was just nice, kids could probably eat this too. The chorizo was filled with juicy goodness with a nice splash of grated parmesan cheese to elevate the flavour of the chorizo.

2. Peking Chicken Confit with Waffle $16.50++

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Five spice chicken confit, chive waffle, served with smoked ginger plum coleslaw and smoked ginger plum sauce

One thing that Montana has always been experimenting on, are savoury waffles. They started off with mac and cheese waffles about 2 years ago, which is still on their menu. This was a very interesting mix. Let’s start off with the five spice chicken. The chicken skin was thin, slightly crisp with the taste of five spice. Digging beneath the skin, will reveal the tender chicken meat, together with the smoked ginger plum sauce that carried an earthly sweet flavour, the chicken was so yummy!img_9934 The star of this dish for me, was the chive waffle. Thick belgian waffles with a savoury waffle batter. The waffles stayed crisp throughout our extensive photo taking session. Even when you drizzle the plum sauce onto the waffle, the exterior of the waffle still holds it’s crispy texture. Inside the waffle, it is light and airy.

3. Crab Burger  with yuzu coleslaw $24++

Crab & Seafood patty, yuzu coleslaw, raisin caper relish, served with thick cut fries.

If you like Montana’s Assam Crab Waffle, try this! The crab and seafood patty melts in your mouth! You can actually taste the crab and seafood meat as well. It isn’t all just mushed up, it’s legit. The yuzu coleslaw added a refreshing taste to the burger buns.

4.Braised Beef Cheek with Carrot Kimchi $20.80++


Served with sweet potato and potato mash, free-range poached egg, and wholemeal toast on the side.

I loved the colours and presentation for this dish. Straight up, I knew that this was an explosion of flavours, first from the sweet potato and potato mash, which was on point, as well as the braised beef, which was so tender and juicy, it would be a clear winner for beef lovers. Not to mention the golden brown whole meal toast which was so fluffy and buttery! The carrot kimchi had a very distinctive kimchi taste which wasn’t too fiery for me.

Check out that liquid gold oozing out from the free-range poached egg. Overall, a well executed dish with very interesting elements. A lot of thought and experiment must have gone into creating this dish!

5. Caramel Cookie Butter Freakcake $14.80++

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Vanilla sponge, cookie butter, buttercream, salted caramel glaze.

Made to order, these Freakcakes are in limited quantity and can take about 5-10 minutes to be prepared. These cakes have lots of intricate details, with numerous ingredients, not just to beautify the cake, but also to satisfy your tastebuds. The vanilla sponge here was alot of dense then expected, it tasted buttery, with a strong lingering caramel aroma.  The salted caramel glaze was so cute “dripping” down from the circumference of the cake. Montana plans to offer bigger version of these cakes, that customers can order, when celebrating a birthday at Montana. Single, double – tier cakes of customized sizes, all at reasonable prices.

6. Coffee Kaya Coconut Freakcake $14.80++

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Coffee sponge, kaya buttercream, coconut white chocolate glaze, gula melaka crumbs.

I really wanted to try their matcha Freakcake, but they ran out of it on a tuesday night! So kaya it was. The kaya cake was my favourite, mainly because of the little gem biscuits, along with the light and not too sweet kaya buttercream, coupled with the coconut white chocolate glaze that was sticky enough to pick up the gula melaka crumbs. The coffee sponge here was of similar consistency as the vanilla sponge, I like that these cakes, though sponge cakes are denser in texture, and also moist, which helps secure the flabours in these cakes.

I would be lying, if I said I didn’t like any of these Freakcakes. Pretty and awesome in taste. Don’t forget to grab a cup of cold brew to go along with these cakes.

Both the Gula Melaka Cold Brew ($6.80) as well as the Yuzu Cold ($7.80) brew went well with the cakes.

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Overall : Montana Singapore continues to take feedback from customers and have improved their menu with a wider variety of savoury items, as well as a come back into the dessert arena with their newly launched FREAKCAKES!

Thank you to Michelle Nah and Ying for the food tasting invite.

Restaurant Info :

Name : Montata Singapore

Address :  1 Selegie Rd, #02-25, Singapore 188306

Phone: 633 3137


Wednesday 11AM–10PM
Thursday 11AM–10PM
Friday 11AM–11PM
Saturday 9AM–11PM
Sunday 9AM–9:30PM
Monday 11AM–10PM
Tuesday 11AM–10PM

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