Dallas Restaurant & Bar

What do you normally do when tasked with planning for a meal? Want to try a new restaurant but afraid it would be a bad experience?

Try looking for a restaurant on the Entertainer app. Loaded with over 300 eateries, bars and more, you would definitely be able to find something within your desired location and budget. Most of the deals are buy one get one free, main, dessert or drink.

Scrolling though the list of places, you can check out the average prices of mains and also the type of food served. I went with Dallas Restaurant & Bar located at Suntec City Sky Garden. The Entertainer deal here was Buy one get one free mains, for any mains priced $30 and below. Let me show you the amazing deal that Entertainer granted me!

  1. Half Slab of Fiery Pork Ribs $30++ 


Shiny with the barbecued glaze sauce, this pork rib was set out to brighten any meat lovers day! The meat was so tender, though it wasn’t quite “fall of the bone”, you could just fork the meat right off the bone. The meat had a slight smoky, charred flavour on the edges. On the the inside, the meat was flavourful, even without the sauce. The wedges were a great choice of carbs for this meal and were a bit crisp on the edges. The coleslaw was more of a giant clump of onions in salad sauce, skip that.

2. BBQ Chicken Parma $24++  **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED**


Pan-fried panko crusted chicken breast topped with melted mozzarella, grilled bacon, smokey BBQ sauce and caramelized onions. Served with salad greens and with french fries or wedges.  For this price, you’re getting so much meat, I couldn’t believe it. This portion was made for 2 pax, not 1. The bacon was so crip on the top, together with the melted mozzarella, I knew I had to say goodbye to my diet plans.


The chicken itself was tender, it wasn’t dry at all, but I wouldn’t say it’s juicy either, since it’s chicken breast meat. But together with the flavours combined by the cheese, bacon and especially the caramelized onions, the chicken was bursting with flavours. I felt that the caramelized onions were a great addition to the dish, it really gave this dish the “WOW” factor taste. I would highly recommend you to try this!

3. Dallas Fajitas $28++


You get a choice of tender grain-fed ribeye, chicken or vegetarian with guacomole, sour cream, salsa, caramelized onions and warm flour tortillas. The chicken was thick, tender and succulent. The presentation of the dish was rather appealing with the tri-coloured sauces on the right and the the tortillas served separated in a dim sum basket.


Wrapping up tortillas can be quite fun too! The fluffy flour tortilla provided a soft texture to the chicken chunks and the sauces were there to complement the chicken. The dryness might kick in gradually, so do use up the sauces.

4. Classic Fish and Chips $26++


Snapper fillet dipper in batter and fried to golden brown. Red cabbage slaw, tartar sauce and Dallas fries. The edges of the fish stayed crispy throughout our entire meal!! It never turned soggy. The fish meat was so tender and fresh, it didn’t taste or smell fishy. The provided tartar was perfect, not too oily, buttery and not too salty either. This was probably one of my most favourite fish and chip dishes. I usually don’t pick a fish and chips dish, as I find it too “Common”, with no “WOW” factor, but this is not your typical fish and chips!

5. Dallas Wings $16++

My friends were telling me so much about these wings, and though Entertainer does not give you any discounts on the appetizers. You would be missing out, if you didn’t order these little nibblers. The skin on these wings were roasted to perfection. They’re extremely crispy, not oily and with the ranch dressing, totally irresistible!

I would’ve gotten two servings of these wings as my main if I could!

6. Homemade Apple Pie $12++


This picture doesn’t do it any justice. This was huge! The apple chips were so juicy and overflowing with apple goodness. The caramel sauce wasn’t too sweet and you could actually see the vanilla beans in the vanilla ice cream. Hurray! For legit vanilla ice cream! For those who hate the smell or taste of cinnamon, fret not! The cinnamon flavour here isn’t as distinctive as you would expect in a apple pie. Overall, a perfect dessert to end ANY meal. 🙂

So with my 4 mains and a dessert,

  1. Half Slab of Fiery Pork Ribs $30++ 

  2. BBQ Chicken Parma $24++ ($0 with Entertainer)

  3. Dallas Fajitas $28++

  4. Classic Fish and Chips $26++ ($0 with Entertainer)

  5. Dallas Wings $16++

  6. Homemade Apple Pie $12++

Instead of paying $136++, I only paid $86++, a total saving of $50 with Entertainer! What are you waiting for?  #EntertainerSG #DownloadTheEntertainer

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I’ve saved over $465 in just a year! There’s no better application or service in Singapore that can help you explore, save and enjoy eating in Singapore. Not to mention, Entertainer now grants you Buy One Get One savings on Beauty & Fitness, Attractions & Leisure and more.

*Tip : Don’t forget to share on social media that you have used a deal on Entertainer to gain more points, to use on future deals!

Restaurant Info : 

Name : Dallas Restaurant & Bar

Address : 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-302/303 Singapore 038983 

Opening Hours
Monday to Wednesday and Saturday: 11.30am to 12am (last order 10.30pm)

Thursday and Friday: 11.30 am to 1am (last order 11pm)
Sunday: 11.30am to 11pm (last order 10pm)

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