The Soup Spoon

In association with Japan Travel, The Soup Spoon, and Souper Chef Anna have come up with a variety of Japanese inspired soups from the Chubu region of Japan. Chubu is the central region of Japan’s Honshu island and home to the iconic Mount Fuji.

1. Guizoni X Jibuni Kanazawa Style

img_9590Ingredients : Marinated chicken thigh, mountain yam, carrots, white radish, shiitake mushroom, Chinese cabbage, koya tofu (dehydrated tofu), bamboo shoots, tau kwa, snow peas, burdock, horseradish, leek, soy sauce, gluten.

The flavour of the tender chicken thigh could be tasted in every spoonful. The umami flavour of this soup could also be tasted in sizeable chunks of tau kwas. Coupled with an earthly flavour from the white radish, shiitake mushrooms that added flavour and visuals to the dish that was so loaded with umami-ness, especially from the generous heap of mountain yam.

img_9576Elsewhere, the tofu provided an smooth bite to the soup’s ingredients. Somehow or rather, it reminded me of a chicken stew, my mum used to cook. Lastly, the seaweed, my greatest weakness was so flavourful and I wish I could’ve gotten more to add to my soup!

2. Kenchinjiru (Japanese Zen Vegetable Nabe)


Ingredients : Chinese cabbage, konnyaku jelly, mountain yam, bamboo shoots, winter melon, white radish, carrots, lotus roots, shiitake mushroom, tau kwa, pumpkin, miso, kombu, gluten, yuba, snow peas, soy milk, sesame oil, soy sauce, ginger.

This was my favourite amongst all 3 soups. Without any meat, the soup was full of flavour and I couldn’t get enough of it. I couldn’t distinctively taste any one ingredient, but the combination of all the ingredients made this soup extremely fragrant and there was a natural lingering sweetness. A regular sized bowl of this soup comes with 29 g of protein with only 225 calories. Even your gym trainer would approve with this high amount of protein!

3. Crab Miso Cheese Chowder


Ingredients : Crab meat, cauliflower, onions, garlic, miso, cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, cream, milk, dashi, butter, lemon juice, leek, penne pasta, potatoes.

This was a very creamy soup, lactose intolerant beware! There was a slight spicy intensity that built up with every sip. This soup was a bit too gerlat for me, as I prefer lighter viscosity of soup. Nevertheless, Soup Spoon was very generous with quality ingredients in this soup.


Thank You The Soup Spoon for the chance to taste Round 2  of the Japan Inspired Soups.

Do remember to hashtag #TSSTasteJapan for a chance to win a Canon EOS Kiss X7  with zoom lens worth $650.

Restaurant Info

Name : The Soup Spoon

Address : 8 Marina View, #B2-41/42/43,Marina Bay Financial Centre, Marina Bay Link Mall, 018960

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