Opel Adam Review

So I won’t bore you with specifications and features that you can find on the Opel Adam brochure. Rather, I’ll walk you through my weekend experience with the Adam. Named after the founder of Opel, Adam is a spiffy little ride, set out to capture the young drivers who love to personalize their ride. Loaded with numerous colour options, even for the roof, you probably won’t mistake your car for another.


The key is pretty basic, just a lock and unlock button. No button to auto release your boot or alarm to find your car.

img_9544Inside the Adam, the black interior is welcoming. Even the plastic dashboard has a pattern on it, rather than just a plain, cheap looking plastic interior. The solid leather steering wheel gives the car a steady feel when driving. The power steering on this car superb, mainly because it’s electric. It’s extremely light to turn. Think of doing a u-turn with one hand, with literally 1 oz. of energy. I daily drive another car with electric power steering but this is way lighter!


There’s nothing much to shout about the dashboard of this car, although I was rather annoyed that the center screen kept alarming me that my fuel was low, despite having 1/8 of tank. SHUSH! You are still evangelizing to me that you can do another 80km till E, with your “petrol saving” engine so, why! do you do this? With that annoyance, I couldn’t see my mileage, or current petrol consumption.


With every compact hatchbacks, they question is usually, are the back seats for people? or people with no legs? The answer here, tested with a sample of Yeo family members. 1.5m is the maximum height you can be in the back seat, with the front seats pushed forward. On the bright side, the back seats were perfect for my 3 year old twin nephews. NO NEED FOR A CHILD LOCK! Because there are no doors in the back! 🙂


The rear of the car literally looks like a bubble. The entire suspension of the car was stiffer than expected. Not sure if Opel was trying to make this car sporty, because it really isn’t specs wise. My passengers gave mixed review on the comfort level of the car. Personally, I liked it stiffer, as I could go around corners with confidence.


The back seats fold flat, for the extra space needed. The boot itself is decently sized and I was happy with it, going shopping along Orchard Road.


The entire look of the car comes with this never-ending sleek chrome finish to all edges. img_9552

A quirky feature of the Adam is the “Easter Egg Hunt”, every Opel Adam, has an animal engraved onto one part of the car, it could be in a cup holder, glove box, or in the Opel Adam Glam I was in, it was in the rear right cup holder.


Probably the most crucial function of a car for youngsters is connectivity, and with Adam you get Apple Carplay. Once you connect your iphone to the car via USB, with Siri turned on, you no longer need to touch your phone. You can text by speaking your message aloud, for which Siri will repeat your intended message to confirm the text and send it to your communicating party. Additionally, Siri will read out any incoming text messages.


Overall, the Opel Adam is a fun 1.4 L Turbocharged car, pushing out 84bhp with an average of 20km/L during my weekend drive, comes with a reasonable showroom price tag of $86,888 SGD as of 2nd october 2016.

The Opel Adam is available from Auto Germany.

Thank you Opel SG, SGIG and Narratrs for my Adam experience.

Dealership Info 

Name: Auto Germany

Address : 7 Ubi Close,  Singapore 408604

Phone Number : 69223288

Operating Hours : 9am – 7pm (Mon – Sun & PHs)



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