Hana Restaurant [Invite]


Hana Japanese Restaurant is located on the ground floor of Forum, The Shopping Mall. They have gone through a revamp just two week ago and are now ready to serve customers Japanese food, with a modern and local twist. The owner Deborah, shared about passion she has for Japanese food in a comfortable and cosy setting where young families and couples could grab a bite and enjoy the taste and look of the food. Having said that, their desserts are also spectacular, especially since Hana and Benjamin Browns are owned by the same people, famous for their over the top milkshake, do give Hana’s dessert selection a try!

  1. Sushi Box 3×3 Grid $28++


Instead of ordering all your sushi via ala carte mode, try ordering the grid boxes. This way you get to try a bit of 9 varied items. From cooked food, like fried tempura, octopus to sashimi to truffle chawanmushi was by the way is probably the best chawanmushi I’ve ever had. It melts in your mouth and the truffle flavour is distinctive yet not overpowering.

2. Sushi Taco


I’ve never had sushi in a taco before and this was an ingenious idea! With a crispy  taco shell, you can choose between lobster, japanese egg mayo, prawn, and soft shell crab, all topped generously with tobiko.

Lobster $15++ *highly recommend*


On one side of the taco shell you will spot a golden slice of cheese, melted to the taco. At the bottom of the taco, you have some leafy greens, and sushi rice. The main star here is the lobster salad. What I adore the most, was how fresh the lobster was along with the crunchy tobiko. This was most probably the most guily-free taco I’ve ever eaten! The colour of the tobiko, lobster salad and greens added an appealing visual and pleasant satisfying crunch! For $15++, you will get TWO of these. It’s a great deal to be honest, for the quality of food you’re getting here. I would be heading there for lunch daily, if I worked in the Orchard region.
Soft Shell Crab $15++


Another Taco that I tried was the soft shell crab, the soft shell crab had a nice meaty flavour. It was slightly crisp golden brown on the exterior and lying beneath this golden layer is fresh crab meat. Flavour wise, the soft shell crab went well with the slice of torched cheese, sushi rice and tobiko. Definitely give this a try if you’re a soft shell crab fan!

3. Pitan Maki $18++ *Highly Recommended*


When Deborah pointed behind me to tell me they were serving us pitan (century egg) maki, I was like, “Get outta here!”. Mother of all Fusion Foods! This was it. This was the clear winner of the night for me. The century egg puree has a tinge of sweetness along with it’s characteristic century egg flavour. It was flavourful and yet refreshing at the same time. I definitely appreciated the effort taken to plate this dish.

4. Soft Shell Crab Maki $16++


Another very interesting fusion sushi is this soft shell crab sushi served with a chili crab dip. You can see chunks of crab meat in the bright red sauce that brought about a sweet aroma. The chili crab sauce wasn’t too spicy and I was say, it’s kid friendly! The maki itself tasted great and tasted even better the chilli crab sauce.

5. Flying Truffle Somen $20++ *Highly Recommended*


Flying Noodles! This is the first time I’ve seen it in a restaurant in Singapore, so kudos to Hana for executing this menu item. The Somen is suspended in the air, looking like it’s levitating by some divine intervention. But in actual fact, those noodles are really, al dente somen noodles  garnished with little shrimps that provides the noodles a salty flavour, along with ikura. The dipping sauce provided is so addictive. I would double dip my noodles into the bowl of sauce! It had a tinge of sweetness and also a savoury aftertaste. This was my personal favourite amongst all the 3 flying noodle dishes.

6. Flying Salted Egg Udon $18++


Flying udon, this time served with salted egg sauce. The salted egg sauce was smooth with a shiok and fiery factor of salted egg along with some chili slices that was not too overwhelming.

7. Flying Cha Soba with Spam Soba Sushi $16++


I’ve never really been a fan of soba noodles but now that it’s a Flying Soba noodle dish, I had to try it! Served with spam cha soba sushi, I must really take my hat off to the Hana team for this innovative sushi. Instead of rice, cha soba is used and since soba is rather bland on it’s own. The spam sushi give the sushi an overall taste. Who would’ve thought that soba and spam would go well together.

 8. Truffle Beef Fried Rice $18++


The presentation of this dish was very interesting. The tempura flakes are in the glass bottle that is “feeding” into the rice. The truffle flavour and aroma could be tasted in the rice and with the added crunch from the tempura flakes, it was delicious. The beef however was a tad too tough for my liking. Even at Benjamin Browns, when I ordered a Sizzling Beef Chunk, I felt that the beef was too tough for my liking. Other than that, a very tasty rice dish.

9. Kimchi Pork Katsu Fried Riche$18++


I must admit, I’m a weakling when it comes to spicy food and so this wasn’t the dish for me. The spiciness of the kimchi rice was too much for me. On the other hand, the crispy pork katsu was delicious though, strangely it left a buttery lingering aftertaste.

10. Dessert Platter (For 4-6pax)


Have you ever seen a dessert platter served on  a huge slab of marble, the side of a table? Instead of ordering different desserts via ala carte mode, get one of these platters for sharing, make a mess, have some fun and most of all! Enjoy the matcha misu. It seriously stole my heart. Light tiramisu flavour with subtle matcha aroma and taste that wasn’t sweet and great for everyone, even non-matcha lovers. The rainbow cake was pretty interesting as well, as each layer was a different flavour!

11. Over the Top Somersby Apple Cider $25++


If you want something to perk up your drinks, check this out. It’s so colourful and fun to drink. Ice blended vodka mixed with apple cider and assorted gummies!

Overall : Hana has definitely gone miles to intrigue patrons tastebuds. Be it, an office lunch, after office hours chill out, or a family meal after spending the weekend at Toy’R us. There’s so many choices of Japanese food at Hana to cater to you.

Thank you to Big Roy and Deborah from Hana for the invite.

*Hana is available on the Entertainer app with Buy One Get One free main! #entertainerSG #Downloadtheentertainer 

Restaurant Info

Name : Hana Restaurant

Address : 583 Orchard Road, #01-17 Forum The Shopping Mall, Forum The Shopping 

Contact : 6737 5525

Hours :  11:30am – 10pm Daily

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