Little House of Dreams [Invite]

Little House of Dreams has been through a big revamp and now sits comfortably beside Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. The decor is very pretty, chic and cosy. The warm, light colours are used for the furniture and walls. There’s even a play corner for kids to hang out, while parents watch them and have some savoury mains, sides, cakes or ice cream and waffles from Ben & Jerry’s. I love that you can order items from both places and dine in a single location.

  1. Sambal Sotong $16.90

Beautifully plated, this was an interesting menu item that you don’t normally get to see in cafes. The squid itself had a chewy texture with a characteristic earthly flavour. The squid also maintained a slightly charred aftertaste. As I’m a weakling when it comes to spicy food, I did not try the sambal sauce.

2. Prawn Paste Chicken Wings (4 pcs) $15.90

We were expecting drumlets and winglets but we were surprised to see 4 full chicken wings in a basket. On first impression, the prawn paste aroma was evident. But upon the chicken wings cooling down to  a temperature which we could consume it at, the prawn paste taste was nowhere to be found. The skin was however, superbly crispy and the meat was juicy without being oily. No need to rush to the washroom to wash your hands after consuming this chicken wings!

3. Salted Egg Yolk Calamari $13.90 *Highly Recommended*

I loved salted egg and I love calamari, hence this is one of my highly recommended dishes to try at Little House of dreams. The salted egg yolk sauce was creamy and yet slightly grainy and lumpy, coupled with a distinct aromatic flavour that had a mild salty-spicy aftertaste. I just couldn’t stop munching on these! Even though, these calamari rings sat for awhile, during the photoshoot, despite being being soggy, the presence of the salted egg still stood out clearly.

IMG_0429.JPG4. Portobello Fritters $12.90 *Highly Recommended*

The truffle fragrances from this was overly addictive and while photo taking, I couldn’t help resist grabbing one to nibble on! The fritter batter was the right amount. It gently covered the portobello and was crispy on the outside and even on the inside. No doughy texture on the inside, which is my biggest complaint about fritters. The portobello mushroom retained its juiciness and if you could only order 1 side dish, get this! You won’t regret it!

5. Big Breakfast $16.90

Loved the wooden platter presentation of this dish. Probably one of the most common hipster cafe menu item, but even so, every eatery has their own idea of what a Big Breakfast should consist of. The main highlight in this dish is the smooth and milky consistency of the scrambled eggs. It literally melts in your mouth. The sauteed mushrooms as well, were juicy beyond expectation.

IMG_0463.JPG6. Ribeye Steak with Salad $39.90

I usually liked my steak medium, but this was medium-well and I still liked it. The steak was juicy and tender and together with the provided steak sauce, this was a  very appetizing. The salad had little sliced baby potatoes which I felt was an interesting way to present carbs on a plate, without making the plate look cluttered with carbs.

IMG_0471.JPG7. Seabass with Salad $34.90

I love seabass but don’t get me wrong, I think the skin here could’ve been pan fried a bit longer to maintain it’s crispy signature texture. The fish meat itself tasted reasonably fresh and I would most probably choose this as my main, as I’m a fan of seabass!

8. Pork Ribs with Salad $34.90

The pork ribs were thick, meaty and succulent. The meat was tasty but just like the pulled pork, it could’ve been a bit more tender. The sauce was sweet and tangy and perfectly marinated deep into the meat.

9. Spaghetti Laksa Prawns $26.90

Simple ingredients and yet exploding with flavours.  The prawns were huge but the gradual follow up with the spicy intensity didn’t allow me to taste the prawns.

img_043810. Chilli Crab Bun $19.90 *Highly Recommended*

The chilli crab patty was made with real crab meat, the sauce itself wasn’t spicy and kids could probably eat this too! The chilli crab bun was certainly a satisfying and enjoyable one. The bun was toasted till the ends of the bun was crisp and pillowy in the center. The chilli crab sauce topped the crab patty with a sweet and tangy taste contributing to a shiok and yummy satisfaction level.  The crab patty was also well marinated, tender, and flavourful.

IMG_0492.JPG11. Pulled Pork Sandwich $17.90

The bun here is the same as the chilli crab bun . The pulled pork meat tasted good but could’ve been a tad more tender. Along with the sweet barbeque sauce, the end result was a sweet mouthful of savoury pleasure. The pulled pork meat tucked nicely into the soft, fluffy brioche buns is indeed a great meal option.

IMG_0558.JPG12. Sticky Date Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream $13.90

I’ve only had a couple of experiences with sticky date puddings but this was the sweetest one I’ve tried. With that said, the vanilla ice cream was superb and you could clearly spot the authentic vanilla beans embedded into the ice cream.

13. Creme Brulee $10.90 *Highly Recommended*

I love creme brulee and the portion of this creme was generous and Oh so yummy! I love torched desserts and this blew me away. The creme brulee itself melts in your mouth and you can taste the smoothness of it. It is also not too sweet and I could easily polish off this all by myself.

14. Vanilla Bloom Pot $6.90 *Highly Recommended*

This was so pretty! So much effort is made by Little House of Dreams to give you the unique dessert experience. This is actually a cupcake dressed up as a potted plant. The creme on top, was alright in sweetness factor. The cupcake on the inside was on the drier side but tasted great, when combined with the creme. I’ll probably be craving for this in the days to come!

IMG_0571.JPG15. Pandan Rose Bloom Pot $6.90

I love pandan flavoured cakes but this one was too sweet for my liking. The creme on top was abit more sugary than the vanilla bloom and I think those with a sweet tooth would still enjoy the prettiness as well as the taste, but this isn’t the one for me.

16. Rainbow Cake $9.90 *Highly Recommended*

By far, the highlight of the night. The rainbow cake here at Little House of Dreams is so tall, they served it to use horizontally, but Jennifer made the effort to get it upright! The layers of sponge cake was moist and the buttercream wasn’t sweet. The fragrance of the light buttercream was how I knew it was love at first sight for this cake. The buttercream was not gerlat, and didn’t leave any aftertaste.

17. Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake $7.90

I love the chocolate cake sponge, it was alot denser than their other cakes. The salted caramel buttercream was creamy and mildly aromatic. Would have preferred a less salty buttercream but the texture of the cake were great enough to satisfy my palate.

18. Snickers Cheesecake $7.90 *Highly Recommended*

The owners mentioned that if you like nuts, or snickers, you’ll be a fan of this cheesecake. That was me and I knew immediately that I had to try this. Indeed, this cheesecake was filled with nuts, caramel, chocolate and a chocolate cookie handmade crust. The cheesecake was dense, but not overly sweet. I was expecting this to be spectacular but it sure was!

19. Lavender Blue Fruit Fizzies $8.90

All the fruit fizzies are ingeniously thought out. My Lavender Blue Fruit Fizzie was made with lavender and little iced cubes with real strawberries on the inside. Before the ice melted, the lavender fragrant and taste was vivid and a tad too sweet for my liking, but as the ice melted, the slight sourness from the strawberries mixed into the drink. The result, a very refreshing and cool drink for any time of the day!

Thank you to Audrey, Grace and Roy for the invite to try out the newly revamped Little House of Dreams

Little House of Dreams is available on Entertainer app with BOGO mains! Don’t say I bo JIO! #entertainersg #Downloadtheentertainer

Restaurant Info

Name : Little House of Dreams

Address : Block 8 Demsey Road, Unit 01-14 Singapore 247696

Telephone number : 64724977

Website :

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