O’Coffee Club Afternoon Treats


O’Coffee Club is situated on the quieter side of Paragon, despite all the crazy sightings of rare pokemons at Orchard Ion. I was glad to find a quiet side of Orchard at Paragon. O’coffee club on a public holiday eve afternoon only had 3 servers who were pretty much frantically serving all the customers, both inside the cafe and the dining area facing this entrance. I found it to be a bit warm inside the cafe itself and decided to move to a table next to the walkway instead as it was cooler.


For $24.90++, this has gotta be one of the most reasonably priced hi-tea sets I’ve seen! Not to mention it’s valid daily, not just on weekdays! When the staff was taking my order she asked if we wanted a long black or tea, as you could get 2 pots of tea, or cups of coffee. Not a bad deal at all!


I was pretty stoked when the set came. It was decently presented and I couldn’t wait to dig in! I also noted that there quite a number of orders for this hi-tea set and even families of 4 were ordering this. Despite it’s look, this is pretty filling.


The scones were dense and yet light in the center. Filled with raisins and served with a dollop of creamy butter, this scones were extremely filling. I barely managed to finish half a scone. I felt that the scone tasted okay but would be better if it was warmed up a bit more.


The macarons were too sweet for my liking and the macaron itself didn’t have a crusty bite. I would think this was commercially made and sent here. O’coffee club does sell pretty looking macarons at $2.30++ each. The egg salad was good. It was one of my favourites, however the tart though, again probably another commercially supplied product, it was harder than a rock. It took alot of effort to bite into it. I actually didn’t bother to finish it. The tuna salad was okay. My dining partners really enjoyed the carrot cake, which had a mild cinnamon aroma and taste but was filled with lots of walnuts. It was probably the only item I would pick off this plate if it was ever served to me again. The chocolate eclair was very disappointing as well. I guess for the price of $24.90++, I can’t expect too much.


The smoked salmon sandwich tasted okay and the sandwich bread was lightly toasted.

Overall: If you’re stuck near an O’coffee club for a while and want something sweet and savoury to munch on. You can give this hi-tea set a go. The earl grey tea was pretty awesome and I could sit there for a period to sip on that aromatic tea. The long black wasn’t too bad either.

O’Coffee Club

Location : 290 Orchard Rd, Paragon Shopping Centre, Singapore 238859



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