Brazil Souper Inspirations by The Soup Spoon

Thanks to The Soup Spoon, I had the opportunity to try their newest Brazil Souper Inspirations that will be launched on 11th August 2016 at all Soup Spoon outlets. Souper Anna religiously visited Brazil together with her team of inquisitive foodies and learnt from the locals how Brazil puts food on their table.

We had a night of educational and fun sharing by Anna followed by a quiz and lastly the food tasting of the 4 delightful soups that are so vibrant in colour and ingredients.

Checking out the 4 soups, they offer a variety of flavours for the different palates. There’s beef, fish, chicken and even a vegan option.

  1. Beef Stroganoff Brazilian Style (314 calories)

Apparently this is almost Brazil’s National dish! The original Russian recipe is made with onions, butter, mushrooms, beef slices, sweet wine and sour cream and served with potatoes or pasta. The Brazilian version however is supersized with more ingredients with added cream and is always served with steamed rice and chips. The soup spoon’s version is based on best of both options and even comes topped with yummy, crispy potato sticks. Can we please have these crispy potato sticks as an option for ALL soups ?!

The beef was a familiar taste to my tongue and you wouldn’t use more an ounce of jaw muscle to chew this, as the beef was extremely tender. There was a sweet aroma from the variety of ingredients in the soup that really opened up my appetite for more food! Soup Spoon was extremely generous with the ingredients for this soup!

2. Moqueca Barramundi (313 Calories)


Okay, there’s 2 reasons to order this soup. 1. If you love singaporean style food, aka laksa and 2. If you love fish. I fall into both categories, hence this was the sure winner for me. Dear Soup Spoon, are you listening to this, keep this on the regular menu. The soup itself provided a fragrant aroma that carried the scent of all the ingredients! Too many to list but once you smell it, you know it’s good stuff!


The fish itself was so soft and tender. Everything in this soup was edible with just a spoon. Do be careful with the fish bones, I did see a tweeny weeny bone the size of, like 2mm? Other than that, I had so much fun and enjoyment fishing out all the humongous fish chunks in the soup. I sure hope that regular customers would get the same fish to soup ratio. At the end of the event, out of curiosity, I was asking around if anyone had chosen this soup as the “Best soup of the night”and not surprisingly, almost everyone agreed.


3. Galinha Caipira (Country Style Chicken Stew) 316 Calories

You can never go wrong with a soup that has tender and juicy chicken embedded in it. This soup had a thicker consistency than the fish. It was modelled more towards the thick Indonesian soto ayam. This soup had a lighter taste but with a distinct tumeric lingering aftertaste. It is topped with chopped peanuts, coriander and coconut flakes. I didn’t quite spot the coconut flakes but I felt that the soup could do with a bit more chopped peanuts. Considering that everything in the soup is either soft, tender or mushy. A slightly harder texture like chopped peanuts would provide a more satisfying crunch into each mouthful.

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed the numerous chicken chunks in my soup. I think there must’ve been some inconsistency with the soup servings as my friend on another table received her soup with merely 1 piece of chicken. Sorry Blanche! img_6332

4. Vegan Caldinho De Feijao 488 Calories

img_6365Okay, so the interesting part is the vegan soup is the one with the most calories! Say Whut?! The black beans was bathed in a savoury soup filled with tomatoes, sweet potatoes, yam, tapoica, celery, carrots, garlic and more. The beans was cooked to a firm, grainy consistency, a hybrid between a bean and porridge. The soup itself was slightly too salty for my liking. The garnishes  of chopped coriander seems to be a key favourite in all the soups tonight.


This dessert may be petite in size but it sure packs a suitcase full of flavours! The top is a lemony/lime sour pudding like texture that is set to awaken you, if you’re half asleep. At the bottom is sago with coconut milk to balance out the sharp, citrusy and sour flavours from the bright yellow portions. This is guaranteed to end off your meal on a distinct note!

Thank you The Soup Spoon and Anna for the warm invitation!


The Soup Spoon

Location : 8 Marina View, #B2-41/42/43,Marina Bay Financial Centre, Marina Bay Link Mall, 018960


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