Carol Mel’s New Menu

Located within a few metres of Tai Seng MRT is Carol Mel Cafe. This is my third visit to the cafe and the new creations from the cafe owners is what keeps bringing me back. Starting off with this fusion appetizer.

  1. Luncheon Fries with Salted Egg $12 *Highly Recommended*

The luncheon meat itself is sliced in equal thickness and then battered with flour and authentic salted egg giving each bite a satisfying crisp and crunch. Not to mention, the soft and tender luncheon meat sandwiched inbetween this irresistible batter. I just couldn’t stop laying my hands on them. The slightly grainy and lumpy salted egg bits had a vivid aroma and flavour that left a tinge of spice with each mouthful.


2. Yuzu Wasabi Soy Sesame Dressing Angel Hair Pasta $18


This dish was very instagram worthy with lots of pretty ingredients with naturally bright colours! This cold angel hair pasta was served with fresh tiger prawns, smoked salmon, blue shell mussel, kani leg and tobiko but usually you would get Ikura. For $18, that’s alot of yummy seafood in one plate! The cold angel hair itself had the texture closer to that of wanton mee. The prawns were fresh and so was the tobiko. I really liked the crunchiness that the tobiko added to the dish, which I know would be amplified with Ikura.


The dressing was unique and at the same time brought the dish to whole new level. You can definitely taste the kick from the wasabi sauce. I’m a weakling when it comes to spicy foods and I usually shun food with wasabi in it, in fear that I might not be able to take the spiciness. However the soy sesame dressing did a great job stabilizing the taste and enhancing the flavour of the cold angel hair pasta. This was another ingenious creation of Chef Andy!

3. Duck Confit $18


Crispy duck leg confit served with butter mash potatoes and a side salad served with Japanese sesame dressing. The sauce for the duck was made with orange and red wine reduction. For the first time ever, I learnt how real duck confit was made. It takes about 3 hours for the duck leg to be slowly heated up in an oven, surrounded in fat. That’s a lot of time, not to mention, limited oven space and also gas or electricity depending on what kind of oven you’re using!


The result? Really really really tender duck meat that falls right off the bone and with a bit of pan frying, the crispy duck skin is extremely satisfying in taste and texture. Definitely a a meaty and flavourful dish that would satisfy any duck cravings you might have!

4. Rainbow Cheesecake $8


This rainbow cheescake definitely caught my eye as I peered into the cake display at Carol Mel. This is no ordinary rainbow cheesecake. The vibrant colours each represent a distinct flavour.

  1. Red -> Strawberry
  2. Orange -> Orange
  3. Yellow -> Lemon
  4. Green -> Pandan
  5. Blue -> Blueberries
  6. Purple -> Yam

All in all, this rainbow cheesecake is set to brighten up your mood and palate. Moist cheesecake texture that melts with a crumbly graham cracker base.

Overall :  Carol Mel Cafe offers a variety of food options all with an interesting twist. Don’t be afraid to try something that you wouldn’t normally order as Chef Andy would be certain to impress you with every dish that comes out of the kitchen. The cakes are just as delightful as the mains, so do remember to leave room for dessert!

Carol Mel Cafe

Location : The Commerze @ Irving, #01-30, 1 Irving Pl, Singapore 369546

Phone: 6635 5755

Business Hours
Mon-Thurs ~ 11am – 8pm
Fri – Sat ~ 11am – 9pm
Sun. ~ 9am – 4pm



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